All Around Best Homemade Cosmetic Recipe EVER!!!!!

Combine 1/2 cup each vegetable glycerine, distilled water( rose or floral water if you getting your fancy on), and pure aloe vera gel. Add one teaspoon liquid vitamin E( my sister said this is about 6 if you’re popping gel pills)also optional is a preservative.  What you have is a fabulous highly effective and super cheap eye makeup remover, makeup mixing medium( shadow to liner, dramatic cake eyeliner etc),wetting agent for other cosmetics( aspirin or clay face masks, etc) leave in hair moisturizer/detangler, wound wash,sunburn relief product, foot spray guards against bacteria/fungi and callouses if used regularly, facial toner for normal/dry skin, facial moisturizer for normal/oily skin, leather conditioner, and latex safe “love” lotion. There may be more I’m unaware of but I’ve used it with great success on all of the above. EXCEPT the last one 🙂

Fresh Aloe Vera is needs to be kept refrigerated to retain all benefits. Small batches , refrigeration and the addition of the vitamin e should keep everything in order. I prefer to use stabilized aloe vera gel and adding a ready-to-use broad spectrum anti-microbial preservative so I can make bigger batches and keep in those vintage bottles I had to have.  I purchase mine(all ingredients in this article can be purchased as well) at from nature with love.

I’m a sucker for multi use products and for anything homemade so this is HG for me. I call it the mix. If you take the time to inform yourself on cosmetic ingredients and their indications, read labels, you’ll save your skin and wallet. Being an educated consumer ensures you from useless, ineffective  and/or over priced purchases.  I’m sure you well know this applies to all purchases as well.  Hopefully we will learn to harness our power as consumers and in turn force the cosmetic companies to stop overcharging and duping us.  Give us fairly priced, safe, high quality, effective products.Pipe dream, huh?


Yet Another 20 Best Budget Beauty Buys List

Is another best drugstore beauty buys list needed? Probably not, by now we’ve all figured out vaseline and aquaphor truly are multi-purpose and most homes have at lease one of the two in the bathroom. Yup Cetaphil is a super mild affordable cleanser. Dove soap is awesome.  No we probably can’t tell which sister used Suave hair products and which used salon. And who hasn’t figured out that wetnwild liners for lip, eye, and brow are arguably the best beauty deal ever? Aren’t Goody elastics about the top of the hair elastic line anyway? Yup we know baking soda can cleanse our hair, exfoliate our skin, mixed with hydrogen peroxide bleach our teeth and can sub for deodorant. Coconut oil is the shit for hair.This list will not include any of tried and true beauty editors throw together when they need to fill space.  The mags are great but cosmetic company’s pay their salary and the reader needs to be kept under the impression that in you get what you pay for.

Absolutely, Positively, a load of  hot stinkin BULLSHIT.  The beauty(fragrance included here) is one of if not the biggest perpetrator of paying more for the label.  Paying for celeb endorsments, limited editions, 206 shades being available even though ninety percent of it’s sales consist of probably 20 of those. In a drugstore line those 20 would be all that’s sold.  Seriously ladies check ingredient lists.  If you’re interested in knowing exactly how and how much they are bullshitting you please check out beauty and the bullshit. It’s a well written often hilarious blog written by the very lovely Rowena. An ex beauty industry she dishes some serious dirt.  The difference is she’s not a middle aged professor with washngo hair,  comfortable shoes and not wearing makeup. She’s young pretty and still has a love for beauty. Really if her blog doesn’t end up huge I’ll be a monkeys’ uncle. So while there’s overhyped claims, overpriced products and bullshit in beauty lets forget that and focus on those products that work well without a 1014% retail markup.  Please note since I couldn’t figure out how to display the list gallery style you’ll have to click on each photo for my choice explanation. Also I didn’t not include fragrance as just because personal taste is the end all be all there. While skin musk is long lasting and affordable if the scent of musk makes you sick, that’s no bargain.

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Back to bloggin…

So after quite possible the longest blog break ever I’m back. I had some health and personal issues, none worth posting about. I’ve actually been in the mind set to return for some time just didn’t know how.  I hadn’t many posts or had many readers to begin with so I wasn’t sure there was a point.  But I like bloggin so I’m back.

Ok there’s my lameass apology and explanation.  Since I’m basically starting over I’ll reintroduce myself with a 20 things about me post.  I promise I’m not a narcissist, I think the reason it’s a popular blog topic and forwarded email, is the sense of comfort it gives people when they read the odd or quirky ones and and identify or feel better about their own…


1. I can stand on my head for several minutes

2. At home I drink out of Mason bell jars.  I swear we have proper drinkware I just prefer them. Probably because my Nana had all the kids drink of of jelly jars(remember those with the characters painted on them?) My husband of fifteen years still doesn’t understand this one.

3. I have a jade ring and three jade bangles that I haven’t taken off in years. I don’t mean I wear every day I mean I really never take them off.  I love jade and I love the sound they make but I’ll never sneak up on anyone…

4. I eat a pint of ice cream almost every night. Yup a WHOLE pint. AND it’s not yogurt, “light”, or sorbet. Haagen Daz. Coffee. I drink diet coke or water and eat light/watch what I eat all day to make it possible so that it’s probably about half of my caloric intake but hey it’s make from milk right? Calcium, vitamin D etc? Right?!

5. I only wash my body with soap once a week.  HOWEVER I take a shower every day(sometimes twice) and wash with soap those areas which need it. Once I week I do a vigorous head to toes exfoliation with a pumice soap and a japanese salux cloth. If you haven’t yet tried one, please do.Awesome exfoliation, mounds of lather and it makes solo back scrubbing a breeze. It dries quicky. mildew resistant, and machine washable. I swear it’s the best addition to showering since the terry washcloth. It won the Japanese award for best invention! And you know they invent tons of cool shit! I also soak in an epsom salt bath once a week. I read an article by a dermatologist when I was a teenager suggesting this for healthy skin and those little bumps on my upper arms( I now know is keratosis pilaris) went away. As did the need for applying copious amounts of body lotion daily. I was sold. I’ve since seen this regime mentioned in beauty mags. Shampoo? Once a week as well.

6. Speaking of showering I brush my teeth in the shower every morning. So if you’re at my house and can’t find the toothpaste look in the shower.

7. I have a metal rod in me that runs the entire length of my thigh. Got this thanks to a broken femur about twenty years ago. No, I’ve never set off a metal detector because of it.

8.I spend a LOT of time at work on the internet. In fact I’m at work right now…

9. With regards to the above I swear I’m a stellar employee. I’m punctual, dependable, all work done on time and I rarely make errors or need help. Actually that’s why I have so much free time. Being a mom I’m a pro at time management.

10. In addition to not being able sleep while wearing socks at least one foot must be out from under the covers at all times.

11. One of the stupidest things I’ve ever done was having a small beauty mark/mole removed from my lower left cheek. I hated it as a teenager and my boyfriend would tease me about the “piece of doo-doo” on my face. I now draw one on when doing occasion make-up.

12.Speaking of drawing on and stupid decisions and my questionable fashion sense as a teenager I mistakenly thought a very thin eyebrow was tres chic. Years of overplucking has left me with a permanent 1920’s brow. Stray hairs/shape only girls!

13. I watch and enjoy Phineas and Ferb a cartoon show on Disney. Dr Doofenshmirtz is the shit!

14. As a young girl I had a crush on Leo from the movie Fame. I clearly had NO gaydar yet…

15.I have one stray hair that if unattended will sprout six inches from my neck

16. I breastfed my last child until she was four…technically. She was turning five the next day and I told her I would get in trouble if she was still on “bubby”. I swear it wasn’t my choice she truly seemed to need it and the closeness. My breasts were her “comfort item”. She sang songs to them and will still come lay her head on my chest when she needs it.

17. Speaking of this she slept in the bed with us until five as well. So did my other children. No we didn’t have and “intimacy” issues. You move them to another bed or you move… They didn’t stay forever. They moved out willingly and as big kids probably wouldn’t even have slept with us for money. Apparently I raised my children “child-led” or “attachment parenting” style. I had no idea what these concepts were I just went with my instinct on what felt right to me.

18. I hate American Cheese.

19.In addition to having a really strong intuition, I’ve had several instances of accurate premonitions in my life.

20. When I started this list it was 25 and I changed it to 20 because I couldn’t think of anything else….

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Okay, so I cannot get the video to play here, you’ll have to click the link. But please do, it’s great. Trust me.

Vintage Style. How broad of a term that unites us all the dainty floral print tea dress edwarian girl,  to the exotic yet smooth and mesmerizing Josephine Baker  and 20’s vamp loving ladies, to the fierce glamour queens of the 30s and 40’s, (is there a better word to define Marlene Dietrich , Joan Crawford, Lena Horne, and Rita, to the 50’s gals who found the perfect combination of  pretty and sultry, (Marilyn, Dorothy, Lana, Elsabeth, the 60’s gave us a new, modern elegant, but strong, Jane Fonda, both Hepburns, Rita Moreno, Faye Dunaway and Brigitte Bardow. Even the 70’s gave us some bad ass ladies Bianca Jagger, Lauren Hutton, Debbie Harry and don’t forget Diana Ross.

Just in case you didn’t notice media allowed us only one or two ladies of color each decade. And not many of those. Not a lot of images for us vintage hounds to pore over.  And these are huge celebrities we’re talking about.  I love hollywood glamour shots as much as the next gal but I find street style much more inspiring(and attainable)  Let’s face it, I’m not going to many black tie events these days. For inspiration I want to see what the nurses, teachers, even housewives were doing on their well deserved nights out.  Images like this are hard to find, even harder to find with women of color. If you haven’t already, try looking in a few different places. You’ll be glad you did.

Also you can check out bvikkivintage a fabulous site with tons of vintage style images featuring African Americans. Also try doing a google search of harlem 1930’s and 1940’s images. Could it get any smoother than that?  Check out Maria Montez, Dolores Del Rio. See where you go from there and how you’re inspired.

Here’s a taste of showbiz, featured list after the jump


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Haven’t we all done this at least once? Marilyn Monroe Make Up

Marilyn was a genius with her makeup. Hers is probably the most imitated make up in the world .  I’ve done a bit of research and here’s what I think she did.

Face, creamy, opaque, set with loose powder.

Eyeshadow , sometimes white,sometimes a cream shade all over with  a darker shade of brown contouring the crease. Color was mostly matte, sometimes shimmery. I only had shimmery so this is what I used.

Eyeliners. Top, was dark brown liquid liner extended with a wing. Sometimes there is a very think gold line above this. On the bottom, pencil again dark brown, was applied at the base of the lower lashes. Also she did not connect this  bottom line to the top, she left a gap between the bottom line and the top. Sort of like parallel lines. In between the liner line was white, not sure if this was shadow or liner, I used shadow.

Eyelashes, Strip lash cut in half, applied to outed edge, not totally on lash line. More in sort of a straight line. This enhanced the heavy lidded ‘bedroom eyes” look she’s famous for. I didn’t do a fake lash in the pic, I think the glue is bad for your lashes, I only wear them on SUPER special occasions. Mascara on top, Sometimes she wore it on the bottom as well most often not.

Blush was natural pinky color applied to apples and blended.

Highlighter not sure what she used, probably eyeshadow, I used a shimmery loose white powder. Applied to temples tip of nose, cheekbones, and the little I call it divit above the cupids bow and the inner corner of eye.


It’s said she mixed three different reds plus gloss, I used one and gloss. she extended her line above her natural line a bit on the upper sides and bottom. She rounded the shape. Besides red, the color she wore most often was a medium creamy pink with no shimmer.  I actually prefer her in this color.

Eyebrows hers were typical of the time sort of squared in the beginning, a sharp arch. I believe she used a brow powder. Mine are much thinner,but I tried to get the same shape.  I used a taupe pencil, it was all I had.

Beauty mark of course, i did mine a bit smaller than hers and as my children pointed out to me, mine is on the wrong side.

You can check out my attempt after the jump (more…)

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Heyday Give Away!

Want that dress? Me too. Happily we both have a shot at it. The super talented Shona is celebrating over 100 subscribers to her blog Intheyday which features the most lovely vintage reproductions. ( not jealous,am not)She offers alterations to ensure a perfect fit. Please check it out. I had already decide to treat myself to  a repro dress made to fit as a graduation present. Now I know where.


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Beyond victory rolls and wiggle dresses

So if you’re reading this you’re most likely at least a little interested in vintage style as this blog is mostly devoted to that. And yes this is for the most part a superficial blog and that’s what you came for.  I understand completely.  Then was better than now aesthetically. You’re not looking for essays. And I agree then was better than now aesthetically.

There are many of us believe this. I enjoy reading blogs and forums of like minded folks. But every once in while I see a thought or comment, stating how someone wishes they lived back then. Or regarding a vintage photo, a statement mentioning how cool it was they all look glamourous.The lack of individuality is rarely noted. They all look glamourous sure but notice how they all have if not exactly the same very similar hair and attire. We admire it because yes those styles were great. But I’m glad the rigid conformity(all around,not just attire) of the past is gone. While I long for the styles of past, I try not to romanticize it.I am glad I live right now.  Racial and religous intoleracy. Being blacklisted for “leftist” views. Such rigid social standards that many were forced to live lies.  We all watch movies and old tv and being a pretty little housewife with an immaculate floor and ironed sheets looks appealing but think about and I’m sure as hell not knocking mom’s who stay home, but just imagine for a minute if it wasn’t really your choice.  Even if you’re educated, smart and really wanted a great career there really wasn’t much opportunity for you. And everyone you knew expected you to stay home with your children and cater to your husband. Depression was widepread so much that for the the women who didn’t self medicate with alcohol the nickname mother’s little helper was given to valium. I could go on and on but you get the point.

In my mind the a close to perfect world would be styled in the golden age, today. Since I can’t have my idea of perfection I will do what I can to preserve what I love. Besides style and decor I patronize the small shops in town. Even though the little hardware shop around the corner charges twice as much as home depot for my soap making lye and the screws I need, I shop there. And you know how cheap I am! I am help supporting the shops so that they aren’t replaced with Subway. Furthermore, if I need help with a project more often than not, the employee at home depot doesn’t have the knowledge to help me. The 3rd generation hardware shop owner does.  I also take my son to an old barber shop in town. He charges $10 as opposed to great clips $8, but he’s a great and I want his shop to stay. I am all for any restore opposed to rebuild and vote that way when possible. I get to know my neighbors and do things for them and they do the same. I write thank you  notes and mail them. I send my children to play outside. I don’t schedule our lifes so full that we don’t have time to get bored and think up something fun. Nothing to do is good for them. Even if they waste the day laying in the grass staring and the sun and looking for a four leafted clover,  and don’t come up with something creative. While I try not to romanticize the past, we’ve made a lot of progress, I hope to preserve a little more of the past than style. I am going to look back and hold on to all the good I see, but not with rose tinted glasses.

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A little Inspiration from 1960

When people hear 1960’s hairstyles most people first think of long hippy hair, afros, and bouffants. Early 60’s hair is a lot like 1950’s hair.  It’s a fun and easy vintage look to do, and works really  well, if you’re growing out shorter layers.  These are fairly easy styles to do your self. A roller set, a rat tail comb for back combing, and hair spray. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bumpits welcome.

Hair is how you comb it …?…what does that even mean?

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Home Project : Rolling Pin Rack

We all want to reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, make do ,mend, go with out, whatever. This is the start of simple easy projects to make using one or more principles.

Items Needed

Rolling Pin

Fabric of any kind ( old clothes, tableclothes etc with a nice print), a large scarf, large doily, piece needs to be a couple inches longer than the pin, and able to cover it a couple of times.

about a 2 foot braided cord, or ribbon, or fabric belt to hang

4 mug hooks

bits of ribbon,or lace, or faux flowers, pieces cut from original fabric

glue scissors

This project is simple. I found it in an encyclopedia from the early 1900’s.  The picture is almost self explanatory. You take an old rolling pin( if you don’t have an old one, they can be had for nothing at yard sales and thrift stores, or at dollar stores).Take the mug hugs and screw in spacing evenly along the body of the rolling pin. Remove the screws.   Roll fabric around, gluing to secure. Tie a bit of ribbon or cord on the ends, If your ends are rough cut, you could tuck into itself with glue, glue fake flowers or buttons, whatever you have that you think would look nice.  Use the tip of the scissors to poke a little hole in the fabric, right above the place where you screwed in each hook. Use a bit of glue to secure the plate to the pin. Take your ribbon, or rope or braiding, or shoelace and tie at both handles.

Use a a key rack, hang belts, your hair scarves, whatever you can think of. Enjoy.

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Imitation of Vintage Life salutes Busby Berkely

The man was a genius choreographer.  Responsible for the often imitated kaleidoscope of show girls, Carmen Miranda’s lady in the tutti-frutti dance, Judy Garland’s I got rhythm, 42nd St, Footlight Parade and of course Gold Diggers of 1933 and Fashions of 1934. He also choreographed the gorgeous Delores Del Rio in Wonder Bar and In Caliente. He worked with Esther Williams of course. it’s even  said he choreographed some in the Wizard of Oz though he’s uncredited.

You can head over to Busby\’s page on CMF for a full bio and list of projects.  May I recommend  Gold Diggers, Fashions of 1934 and The Gangs All Here if you’re unfamiliar with his work. Light on plot for sure, but they more than make up for it with innovative shots, choreography and pretty ladies.

If you have young daughters and want a movie you can enjoy with them, that’s not animated try one of Busby’s films. My daughter simply loves them. I watch a lot of old films with her. She asked me just last night if I could put on the man on the drums( Bo Jangles dancing on the drums in Stormy Weather).  Even if you think you’re daughter can’t appreciate Bo yet, the pretty girls dancing are sure to please.

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