Vintage Hate-oops I mean Hat

Whats with the hat (snort)?

A comment addressed to me earlier today by a coworker. I replied bad hair day(true) but I may have worn the hat no matter what my hair looked like. I am wearing a lightweight crocheted white cloche with a silk ribbon weaved in and tied in a sweet little bow. Perfect for summer. It goes well with my outfit, a sheer/eylet scoopneck billowy little blouse along with a mint/peach plaid tennis style skirt. It’s not as if I have a baseball cap on with an evening dress.

It’s rare that I get negative comments on vintage attire but when I do it always stuns me. First and foremost I would never give an unsolicited opinion to someone (other than my children and their dad and that’s usually more “Your’e not wearing that t-shirt are you? It has a hole) ” about their look or attire. I will give compliments unasked, I simply can’t think of an instance where a compliment wouldn’t be welcome.

Of course this type of rudeness isn’t exclusive to vintage fashions but the absurdity of it seems to be. Ok, Casual Friday at work. I wear a tank top, denim capris flip-flops. My hair is long and unstyled save but for a few swipes of a flat iron. . I have on four or five makeup products but all are applied so as to give a “natural” look. I will not get one negative comment or funny look(I have nothing against this look, as we say in my hood Do you!). Now say I come into work with a lightweight fitted waist summer dress, cloche hat covering my waved chin length hair and a pair of t-straps or granny boots. My makeup is a little eyebrow pencil, a little mascara but a bright or darker lipstick. I will get eyed up and down, maybe even a snarky comment like the one I received today. It’s almost as if trying to impart old school glamour and style is not appropriate for every day. Sad. Thank goodness for all the ladies in my company over 50. Always a nice word from them.

Ever been in a situation like this? How did you handle it?

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