Finger waves, a few different approaches

I have been reading lots of vintage blogs and forums on vintage style blogs lately and I see finger waves and pin curls garner the most questions. I am lucky in this department for two reasons. One being I grew up around black folks, lottabody and wet sets never went away( I’m shocked so many white girls don’t know what setting lotion is, or wrapping). Two I took cosmetology in high school and it was run by 80 year old women who tought  pin curls, water waves, finger waves, roller sets, and of course the state board set(don’t ask). Roux hair tint in white minx was a staple. Anyway all though I can do these styles on another head( I never finished cosmotolgy, not a professional) I have a hard time doing them on myself.  I am a visual person so off to youtube I go.

First off here is a super easy way to get the finger wave look on short hair.

Here is whats called a buckled wave bob. Gorgeous for longer hair. I like it better before the combout.

Black girls are seriously the most inventive when it comes to self-styled hair. For inspiration check out black wave styles. If you want to venture beyond finger waves, just search around on the right side of the page on youtube hair videos you like  or may I suggest other videos by thehaircoach(bucklebob above).

Quick tip for glossy vintage waves start with wet hair. Add setting lotion and add 4 or 5 cornrows or plaits(reverse french braids) going all back or if you wear hair parted on the side vertically down or back. Either keep braids overnight or sit under dryer. When you take out the braids you will have gorgeous waves. Comb out add a little vitapointe, and you’re glamerous for days. . If you don’t know how to braid, ask a friend . If none of your friends can can braid, try it with off the scalp braids. It won’t come out quite as good but you’ll still get pretty waves.

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