Homemaking Hints, the bathroom

In my dreams, I have a perfectly spotless house that I touch up while looking fabulous like all those perfect ads and shows from the 50’s.  My reality is far from that. I don’t like cleaning but I do enjoy tips and tricks to make it easier because I do like a clean house. I usually look far from fabulous doing it as well. I have no tips for that, but a few time and money savers.

The first tip I have is use a daily shower cleaning spray. They work. Seriously they really do. Scrubbing Bubbles sells that contraption that circulates and covers your shower with the cleaner. My cousin bought this and assures me that it does what it says it does. Even if this is true,   I don’t and won’t use it. It cost’s about $25 to $30 dollars to save me thirty to sixty seconds of spraying.  I am not that lazy. I am also too cheap to spend that kind of money times two and then still have to pay $2 or $3 for the refill. The full bottle that you spray yourself  by Tilex is $3 without a sale or coupon. Further I can spray under and behind areas the machine can’t get to or need heavier application.

Of all the brands on the market in my area(ATL) Tilex is performance wise the clear winner. It’s also the most expensive. I hold all coupons that I  have until it goes on sale. Arm and Hammer is second in both performance and price.  After that we have generics.  which range from $1 a bottle to $2.30.  Since Tilex works the best I always try to have a bottle on hand in each shower. As I said before I do this as by combining sales and coupons and stocking up. I stretch it even further by  only using it in the main  shower twice a week once in mine. The other days I use the $1 bottle. I get mine at Dollar General but dollar tree sells it as well. It keeps the scum and mildew at bay I guess but leaves a bit of a dull finish.Tilex leaves it clear and sparkly.  I have a large family so we need to spray every day in the main bathroom. Last person to shower gets the job.  My bathroom only has a small shower stall and my husband is a big guy so he uses the main bathroom with the kids :). I am the only one who uses this shower so I only spray this bathroom twice a week one with the generic one with Tilex.   Obviously you can adjust your use for your bathroom. There are many recipes on the internet for a homemade version. I’ve tried many of them and in my opinion, none of them compare to store bought, besides between less use, generic and coupons/sales, I keep the cost low enough.  Here’s a link for recipes if you’re interested

Daily shower cleaner recipes

I’ve found a 50/50 mix of clear ammonia and H20 works as well as any listed above if you can stand the smell.

Okay so we’ve got using a shower spray. I spray it in the sink as well(again twice a week).This is of course after I’ve wiped out the globs of toothpaste that appear daily but  nobody  in my house leaves there. That damn not me! Don’t let me get a hold of not me! It will be on!

Okay so we’ve got the shower spray, which is kept in the bathroom. Also in the bathroom I keep Comet- still 50 cents a can and nothing works better, a spray bleach cleanser, and a window cleaner both generic.These are kept in a little bucket under the sink which also holds rubber gloves, an old toothbrush and a couple clean rags( cut up old towel or t-shirt).  These I use for my weekly cleaning. I also keep a dust brush and pan in there as well. I use this to sweep daily. I keep a basket in both bathrooms. I line the basket with a vintage scarf or big doily to keep it clean and pretty it up.These can be found for next to nothing at garage sales and thrift stores if you need. All items used daily go in there(toothpaste,hairbrush, deodorant, etc). This saves time from having to move and clean under them. Looks neater as well.   While my youngest is in the tub I put  anything not me has left out, shake the mat out, then sweep. I do a quick wipe down of everything with the rag. Then hang to dry. That’s it on a daily basis.

On Sunday night (shampoo night) while she’s playingin the tub with conditioner on her hair I am sweeping, cleaning the sink, washing out the toothpaste holder, etc. Basically everything but the big three(sink,tub,commode). Toothbrush holder, setabouts I  soak in the  little garbage can with hot water, comet and bleach cleanser.

I put both mats in the washer along with the kitchen and hallway mats, basket liner and shower curtain and window curtains if needed. After she gets out of the tub I spray the perimeters and handles with bleach, I spray the toilet, and sink. I sprinkle comet on all the fixtures, all over tub sink and commode.  The steam from her bath and the bleach loosen everything up in the time I take to get her lotion, dressed, and brushed, braided.  When I come back I take an old bath puff (dont remember how figured this out) and scrub everything down. The old toothbrush gets any crack or crevices the puff doesn’t like around the fixtures. The puff works better than anything else. I used to use those green scotchbrite scouring pads, they’re great but expensive. The puff works just as well and has the added benefits of lasting longer, having a suction and/or rope to hang and dry, seems to stay cleaner as it’s made airy to keep clean with rinsing. I keep one in the kitchen as well for scrubbing. Rinse it all down including the garbage can and items that have been soaking   sweep, glass cleaner where needed, rags to dry everything then it’s tossed in the washer. Fresh grocery bag gets tied on the side to line the garbage can.I soak a cotton ball in essential oil which goes between the can and liner for smell goods.

That’s it for me, anyway.   My husband mops the entire house every Sunday evening so we start the house off fresh for the week. I would love to say I have hard woods but alas we’re low rent and have laminate. Hey at least it’s not carpet-yuck. I keep two mats for each bathroom so after the floor is mopped and dried down  goes the replacement and we haveplenty of rags. This way I just hang the load to dry(no wasting the dryer) to be put away for the next week rotation. I never buy the rubber backed ones, they fall apart with frequent washing Mine get heavy traffic I wash frequently they won’t work for us. .I do my bathroom Sunday morning after my shower same process takes all of ten minutes. I also keep all the same supplies in there,only difference is I keep a full size broom. This is for the sweeping of my room and the bathroom. I don’t think it cost’s any extra to keep multiples of the same products in each room. I mean each one just last’s twice as long. It saves time and I am much more likely to sweep or wipe down as I see things.

Okay so I know this a big post for a little room heres the cliff notes:

Use a daily shower spray. Cut’s down on scrubbing and there are generics available. You may not need to spray every day.

Do what you can each day to keep clutter and dirt to a minimum.

Keep copies of cleaning supplies in each bathroom.

Comet, and generics of bleach and glass cleaners work fine.

Keep a basket lined with an old scarf or doily in the bathroom to hold all toiletries used frequently.

Nothing beats an old bath puff and toothbrush and cut up old towels for scrubbing, polishing.

When you do a thorough cleaning, try to do it after shower or bath. The steam loosens everything up. Along these lines, give cleaners time to work. You soak your cloths,  you soak your dishes, let the bathroom fixtures “soak”.

Soak all setabouts in the garbage to clean both at same time.

I won’t say enjoy, but maybe this may help it to suck less.

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