Apology and Makeup Offer, Free Vintage Hairstyle!

okay, so I know it’s been a while since I last posted.  I returned to cosmetology school after a loong (21 year) break.  I have been so totally exhausted. I still work full time, still have three kid under 13, one over 40 plus school. I love school, but must admit the green eyed monster takes over me while I’m there. So many of the young girls come full time, and have tons of time at home for practicing. I go 15 to 20 a hours a week and almost no time to practice at home. I do however study my textbooks at work in the morning 🙂  I am the first in the office and I get a good 30 minutes in every day. I also study vintage hairstyle directions online. Alright enough excuses. The good news is if you live in the atlanta area and would like a vintage hairstyle done for free, leave a comment and I will get back with you. I need practice on live people, most clients want highlights, long layers , maybe a blowout. I do get a few roller sets from seasoned ladies who come in,but they usually want their hair set the same way every week in a basic style set to last until the next week.  This offer is risk free as we are talking a set or style not a cut or chemical.

Since I have 0  readers. this offer will probably go unnoticed but I gotta give it a shot.

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  1. I subscribed to your blog! Do you do black hair? I have some friends in Atlanta who might be interested.

    • Yes I do all hair, my children are mixed so while its not exactly the same between my daughters and my inlaws I am very comfortable doing black hair. Are your friends into vintage looks?

      btw, thank you so much for subscribing! I think you’re the first and only subscriber 🙂 I still haven’t told anyone I know about it.

  2. gonna send this to my mom

  3. I like your style and the articles. You are juggling quite a lot and still have time to put pen to paper.
    Good for you!

    I wish I lived in your area as my hair is…well..not vintage and since this is primarily a military town, people don’t know what you are talking about when you ask for a finger wave and a henna rinse.

    Keep on.

    • Thank you so much. Amazing to be able to voice your thoughts to the world( in theory, I have five readers :).
      If you ever get to Atlanta let me know, I’ll meet up with you.
      I checked out your blog, “perfume porn” made me laugh out loud. Although I engage in this quite often, I never heard of that. I am perfume obsessed. To the point that I own textbooks on fragrance. Do you read basenotes? I love that site.

      • Glad you enjoyed the blurb! I’ve tried basenotes, but for a snappy breakdown I go to “frangantica” but won’t subscribe as they are , oh how shall we say, elitest, and you have to move heaven and earth to get them to unsubscribe.
        After I finish posting this, I’m going out to snag a new scent hopefully and I’ll be wearing my 2dollar white cotton/lace summer dress laughing all the way. I read somewhere the new cocktail look is a black dress and flip flops. Jimmy Choo’s are hard to buy on low funds, mwhahha!
        If I ever get to Atlanta, it would be swell to meet up.
        I’ve been thrifting since I was 15 due to the glorious malfunctions of the ’60’s. Best find was a Pucci bag for 65c that I resold in time of need.
        Thanks again for reading and have a wonderful day!

  4. I like fragrantica for the “snappy breakdowns” 🙂 but if this is what you mean by elitist- the site always leaves me feeling really dumb,like I have no business loving scent the way I do, I know what you mean. And while I do love perfume , I rarely develop few new crushes. I am a musky/woodsy/chypry/floriental girl. Fruity florals or beachy scents rarely isnpire me. And that’s what a lot of modern scents smell like to me. Sure I know there’s small houses,independent perfumers but as you may already know, and I know can feel me on, I don’t have a lot of extra money. I try a scent here and there, buy mostly second-hand, or my tried and true (ma-griffe, rive gauche( my first headswimming fragrant love via my moms tray), knowing, mitsouko, no 5). Most gifts given to me are scents as my family knows this is what I want.

    Pucci!65 f#!@ken cents! That’s a great one. I went yesterday and go fitted black 1960s sheath by Mr Blackwell for $1.50! And an outdoor barbie dollhouse for my daughter for $7. Retail therapy by any means necessary.
    Hope you found a good scent. Take Care of you as well.

  5. Hello all! It’s raining here in San Diego and the people here practically get out their lawn chairs and stare at the sky with their mouths open like turkeys when it does.

    Have told many about your site, so I hope new subscribers appear. Again, I applaud your multi-tasking abilities.

    Perfume. Mr. Blackwell, wow!. Well, now just find a pair of flip flops and you’ll be right in step. That was a coup. You are right about the alleged new odors.
    The old fashioned ones (and I use that term with love) have/had more vavavoom then the insipid faux ones of today. Ma Griffe has changed somewhat, rive gauche still the delicious same.Chypre is the best for me and if you have any time for yourself, Raymond Chandler wrote a detective novel, “Lady in The Lake” and it’s all about chypre. Blackwell made some serious clothes – if you can access vintage vogue before 1964 when it all went downhill – he has some ads for dresses you’d fight for. I hope the Barbie dollhouse will find some vintage doll furniture. Retail therapy is right, and the right price indeed. No, I didn’t find any scent, but a huge straw hat someone had decorated with flowers – it made me think of France 1918 for some reason.

    Have a great weekend complete with fabulous yard saleing.

    • At least the rain will bring a little relief from the heat wave, I keep hearing about. I take it you’re not from San Diego, or at the very least don’t love it.
      Thank you for telling folks, I still haven’t told anyone I know. Don’t applaud too loud, I do the majority of posting at work. My work doesn’t suffer, business is slow,like everywhere else.
      You’re absolutely right about the old perfumes. And Ma-Griffe for that matter, I have noticed the change, I usually buy “vintage” bottles on ebay, luckily there doesn’t seem to be a huge demand, got my last bottle for $1.36 plus shipping.
      Do you have any thoughts on some lesser known Chypres, that if I run across I should pick up? I’ve only ventured into them(knowingly) in the past five years, don’t know a lot
      I am going to pick up “Lady in the lake”, I seem to remember seeing that title in a review on some perfume porn site as well. I don’t know where I could view any vintage vogue I’m sure you’re right though. It saddens pisses me off that with online selling and now all the fashion sites say vintage dresses are in, great vintage dresses are getting harder to find. I’m a hat girl myself, yours sound awesome. That’s another great thing about vintage, when it brings you somewhere else. Have a great weekend too, no buying this weekend for me, Saturday my son has game, and Sunday I am absolutely going to get a bunch of stuff I have listed on etsy or ebay. Deal wishes to you-Denise

      ps ok so pretend I turned off the line though after the word sadden, don’t know how to fix that.

  6. Misstsunami,
    I replied to you in the thrifting post and sent you an email, I haven’t heard from you, are you okay?

    • No worries. I did send you a reply @ your email addy on the note sent. Let me know if it shows up or not – this browser is acting up.

  7. Denise –

    Late Happy New Year and I hope all is well with you and yours.
    Will this winter ever end?!


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