Travel Coffee Mugs Suck!!!!!!!!

I hate travel mugs.Quick rant and totally uncategorizable or related to my blog but I must go on. The powers that be at my office are complete and total freaks about the carpeting here. The fact that we have carpets is ridiculous anyway. We have very high through traffic coming and going through a warehouse. If you’ve ever worked in or near a warehouse you know what I am saying. But everyone likes to think the stains are coming from coffee spills as if we’re preschoolers walking our styrafoam cups of juice to our desks. Anyway several years ago, after a big fat important MEETING ABOUT THE CARPET, I decided I will no longer use a mug I’ll use a to go cup. I picked up one that no one claimed out of the kitchen, washed it and it became mine. It was a cheap Krispy Kreme giveaway deal, insulated plastic. I used it every day at work and never thought about it again. My cup and me had a perfect relationship. He kept my coffee hot, and every time the carpet discussion came up at work he backed me up. I had no part in those stains, remember I have a cup? Have you ever seen me without my cup? Of course my cup, secure in the relationship let himelf go of the by way of losing the  krispy kreme logo, gaining a few scratches. I didn’t care, inside he was still the same.

Outside of work I’ve cheated a few times, x-mas gift mugs, freeebies, I never liked them as much and besides I don’t really need to travel with coffee that much on the weekend.

So several weeks ago my boss and I both whom love thrifting, went to check out a new store during lunch. I wasn’t quite finished with cup # 2(now a neccesity( yes it’s underlined by spell check, too lazy and I’m sure you can figure it out). So I decided to bring it with me.  Being it was 50% percent off everything day, the store was crowded. No carts available. We had to tote piles of clothes around the store. I asked the clerk to hold my goodies for me while I helped my boss find a coat for her girlfriend. Yes her girlfriend.  I don’t care what the bible says, do you live your entire life according to the bible? You don’t get to pick and choose and you also don’t get to judge. Period. Okay so while doing this I set my mug on the counter and forgot about it.

So we get back to work and I realize I don’t have my mug nor do I have the fabulous Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe framed print that I found for $2 with a tiny crack in the glass. My boss assured me not to worry, she was going back after work to pick up the chair she bought for her brother she’d get both. I called the store asked the clerk to hold both items. She assured me the mug was still on the counter, the Marilyn print behind it with a Sold sign.

So if you haven’t guessed by now by cup was not there when my boss went. The print wasn’t there either, I guess sold means unless someone else want’s to buy it there. The cup was NOT  in the trash(she checked). It was either sold or someone just helped themself to some old cold coffee.

She bought me another, which dribbles. I checked each and every mug in the house, bought another at Kroger. I hated them all, my husband brought home his from work, he works second shift and rarely uses it. I hated it.

Why do some travel coffee mugs have no handle? That would be a travel coffee cup technically I guess but I swear the tag said travel coffee mug.  ON A CUP WITHOUT A HANDLE. That is not a mug. I guess a lot of people complained the mug style didn’t fit in their drink holder compartment of their car, so the travel coffee mug people decided not to raise the handle, just get rid of it. But hey we’ll still call it a mug, because hey we already paid for all those tags. Might as well use them up. And yeah we’ll still keep the exterior metal which conducts heat. I mean it’s not hot enough to burn anyone, just  warm em up a bit.

Why do some travel mugs have a drinking spout so small a full swig only yields a half a baby sip? Why do some dribble unless you really concentrate on not dribbling. I don’t know about you but some mornings I am just unable accomplish this before my coffee.

Why is it that so many travel mugs at the fully tightened mark end up with the drinking spout directly above the handle? So that when you take a sip in the morning(full lipstick) you end up with a you lip hitting the handle and leaving a lip print? Did they not test it? I would think in the coffee mug factory this should be a pretty high priority in manufacturing. Apparently the coffee mug people don’t think so.

Why also do the coffee mug people not realize that tons of tiny grooves are not a good thing in a beverage container. They are a pain in the ass to clean.I really don’t want to have to break out an old toothbrush to clean my mug everyday.

Was it really necessary to make engrave the word open with a little arrow on it, so we know that when we push the thingy back and see the spout the mug is open? Really?

I hope whoever now has my old Krispy Kreme travel coffee mug appreciates what a good mug he or she has.

If there are any Travel Coffee Mug people out there on the internets world wide web, and you feel I’m hurting your industry you know like when Oprah said she doesn’t eat beef, I will post a disclaimer.

Better yet just in case. Results not typical. Most consumers have no problems with travel coffee mugs and just drink their coffee.

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  1. It sounds crazy but Old Navy has the BEST travel mugs, $5 each – right up by the cash register. These are the only travel mugs I will ever use. I know this is an old post but just in case you’re still having the same problem!

    • You were right! I finally made it there with my daughter who wanted to pick up a few things and I got one! It’s perfect. Many thanks!!!

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