This is not a post about make up

So my fingers were crossed while typing that title, forgive me. Last week I did a post about wearing less makeup. I’m certainly not trying to critique anyone and of course it’s just my opinion. It had  to do with my personal view of what’s beautiful, which differs greatly than the beauty machine tells me. A perfectly made up face and hair are pretty and inspiring and I like to look yes but they’re not beautiful to me. Marilyn Monroe’s beauty fascinates me but more so in her slightly less than perfect photos. Hair messy, less makeup and posed. Even in the later ones with the heavy lidded bloodshot eyes, and such. I am touched by her. She was physically beautiful yes but part of  the fascination is seeing imperfection and relating to it. We are not perfect, our little imperfections inside and out are what makes us uniquely beautiful. I know I may sound really sappy and cliched right now but whatever.  So I have an entirely different opinion of beauty than the rarely attainable version shoved down my throat presented to me daily. There’s much to love about makeup and adornment is part of our nature. There’s also much to well not love. Besides the predatory advertising preying on our insecurities ,there’s  how it can become not only a crutch but a hinderance. It did for me anyway. When I was younger and wore a full perfect face everyday I felt like their were two me’s. The made up “on” me and the “real” me. Certain people were only allowed to see the “on”me. So while it was easy to seduce( not neccesarily sexually, just gain peoples interest) people in full peacock,smelling good, mode, it doesn’t make for successful relationships. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong or even what I was doing until I entered a relationship with a man who forced me to let  go. He’d break into the bathroom and tell me I was pretty bare faced, he’d force me to go out in sweats with dirty slapped in a ponytail hair and talk with people. I will always love him for that and  million other things even though our relationship ended. I know I am not the only woman whose gone through something similar.I watched my neighbors and good friend’s daughter who is like a child of my own to me go through it. Thank goodness it’s over.

Oh yeah, this is/is not a post about makeup. Whenever I do a post with the word makeup I get morethantwo tons of views.  That intrigued me.I want to see what this title does. Is make up a simple common denominator for women? The human ritual of self adornment and whatnot.   Made me think.  Then I read it was No Makeup Week.  Was that why I was thinking about make up so much? The universe vibes? I headed over to  read. I did miss participating, but there was so many great thoughts, it didn’t matter.  I don’t remember who wrote it or the exact wording but a smart gal questioned when makeup is no longer a choice.Please head over to Rabbit Writes and read about it if you haven’t already , maybe you’ll want to participate next year. I know I will.


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  1. There used to be a sort of amusing attitude towards makeup – protection against the environment which I found rather amusing.
    The ’60’s had so much fun with self expression – my favorite was/is Peggy Moffet, who worked with Rudy Gurnrich, her famous pose in the the so-called topless bathing suit in 1964 did make one think. She is still around, and boy, do I wish I had the talent for that full tilt kabuki butterfly eye look.
    Now, without going into the fray about what beauty represents, let us express ourselves as we feel best.
    I saw the most fabulous older woman on the bus the other day with her mane (yes, that’s right)of white hair pinned up, wearing fabulous black sun glasses and wearing a enormus silver ring atop another. It looked almost like a raptor. Remarking upon it’s beauty,she smiled her red lipstick smile, saying she had made it herself along with a astounding silver cross she wore with all her gray sweater/black skirt and boots. My point? Trust in yourself to express exactly what you are, however you choose. We are all beautiful, in all ways.

  2. I forgot all about Peggy Moffet! I will certainly be doing a little net research. I remember a photo of her with I think it was a dress may have been a swimsuit( 60’s minis :), with cut outs across the belly. It was beautiful and scandalous to me at the time.
    You’re absolutely right that I should trust in myself. It’s just bothersome when people question any choice that can’t be found at your local mall.
    Talk to you soon.

    • Glad to hear from you and hope you are having a nice 3 day weekend!
      There is a Peggy Moffet site and one with an interview – talk about trusting your own style.
      And yes, let’s talk soon.

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