Imitation of Vintage Life salutes Busby Berkely

The man was a genius choreographer.  Responsible for the often imitated kaleidoscope of show girls, Carmen Miranda’s lady in the tutti-frutti dance, Judy Garland’s I got rhythm, 42nd St, Footlight Parade and of course Gold Diggers of 1933 and Fashions of 1934. He also choreographed the gorgeous Delores Del Rio in Wonder Bar and In Caliente. He worked with Esther Williams of course. it’s even  said he choreographed some in the Wizard of Oz though he’s uncredited.

You can head over to Busby\’s page on CMF for a full bio and list of projects.  May I recommend  Gold Diggers, Fashions of 1934 and The Gangs All Here if you’re unfamiliar with his work. Light on plot for sure, but they more than make up for it with innovative shots, choreography and pretty ladies.

If you have young daughters and want a movie you can enjoy with them, that’s not animated try one of Busby’s films. My daughter simply loves them. I watch a lot of old films with her. She asked me just last night if I could put on the man on the drums( Bo Jangles dancing on the drums in Stormy Weather).  Even if you think you’re daughter can’t appreciate Bo yet, the pretty girls dancing are sure to please.

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  1. Very clever idea! Berkeley’s films have universal appeal and allow us to dream. And those fans were heavy!
    I have been out of commission for a few (thank you bronchitis). I’m going to watch “Fireball” w/Barbara Stanwyck tonight for diversion.
    I also have a book on how to make those fans if you want to know. Unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive, lots of glueing etc.
    Kudos to you and your daughter for being so enlightened.

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