Beyond victory rolls and wiggle dresses

So if you’re reading this you’re most likely at least a little interested in vintage style as this blog is mostly devoted to that. And yes this is for the most part a superficial blog and that’s what you came for.  I understand completely.  Then was better than now aesthetically. You’re not looking for essays. And I agree then was better than now aesthetically.

There are many of us believe this. I enjoy reading blogs and forums of like minded folks. But every once in while I see a thought or comment, stating how someone wishes they lived back then. Or regarding a vintage photo, a statement mentioning how cool it was they all look glamourous.The lack of individuality is rarely noted. They all look glamourous sure but notice how they all have if not exactly the same very similar hair and attire. We admire it because yes those styles were great. But I’m glad the rigid conformity(all around,not just attire) of the past is gone. While I long for the styles of past, I try not to romanticize it.I am glad I live right now.  Racial and religous intoleracy. Being blacklisted for “leftist” views. Such rigid social standards that many were forced to live lies.  We all watch movies and old tv and being a pretty little housewife with an immaculate floor and ironed sheets looks appealing but think about and I’m sure as hell not knocking mom’s who stay home, but just imagine for a minute if it wasn’t really your choice.  Even if you’re educated, smart and really wanted a great career there really wasn’t much opportunity for you. And everyone you knew expected you to stay home with your children and cater to your husband. Depression was widepread so much that for the the women who didn’t self medicate with alcohol the nickname mother’s little helper was given to valium. I could go on and on but you get the point.

In my mind the a close to perfect world would be styled in the golden age, today. Since I can’t have my idea of perfection I will do what I can to preserve what I love. Besides style and decor I patronize the small shops in town. Even though the little hardware shop around the corner charges twice as much as home depot for my soap making lye and the screws I need, I shop there. And you know how cheap I am! I am help supporting the shops so that they aren’t replaced with Subway. Furthermore, if I need help with a project more often than not, the employee at home depot doesn’t have the knowledge to help me. The 3rd generation hardware shop owner does.  I also take my son to an old barber shop in town. He charges $10 as opposed to great clips $8, but he’s a great and I want his shop to stay. I am all for any restore opposed to rebuild and vote that way when possible. I get to know my neighbors and do things for them and they do the same. I write thank you  notes and mail them. I send my children to play outside. I don’t schedule our lifes so full that we don’t have time to get bored and think up something fun. Nothing to do is good for them. Even if they waste the day laying in the grass staring and the sun and looking for a four leafted clover,  and don’t come up with something creative. While I try not to romanticize the past, we’ve made a lot of progress, I hope to preserve a little more of the past than style. I am going to look back and hold on to all the good I see, but not with rose tinted glasses.

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  1. I do agree with you about “looking through rose colored glasses” regarding vintage. Times were very rigid on all levels, and people were not particularly nice in general. And good grief, just think of the medical progress we have made with childhood diseases – polio used to be the feared disease for everyone – look what happened to President Franklin Roosevelt.
    And as you so rightly point out, everyone did look the same.(“Invasion of The Body Snatchers”, anyone?)
    We have the option of playing with vintage as it is pretty and provides a trip down memory lane of a sort. It’s pretty wobbly out there right now, and we all need some sort of a personal anchor to grab onto.
    I would glad give up cell phones/vidiot games/microwaves and so on, as I believe they do cause cancer, and in the case of vid games especially, depersonalization of the individual. It’s good to know you keep it local to help save what small reminders of the good are. Your points are well taken and a gentle reminder of the reality of the past.
    Ironing sheets!Hahaha. I enjoy hanging out the wash as I find it semi-theraputic. But ironing, aarrgh!
    Thanks for a good read.

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