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So after quite possible the longest blog break ever I’m back. I had some health and personal issues, none worth posting about. I’ve actually been in the mind set to return for some time just didn’t know how.  I hadn’t many posts or had many readers to begin with so I wasn’t sure there was a point.  But I like bloggin so I’m back.

Ok there’s my lameass apology and explanation.  Since I’m basically starting over I’ll reintroduce myself with a 20 things about me post.  I promise I’m not a narcissist, I think the reason it’s a popular blog topic and forwarded email, is the sense of comfort it gives people when they read the odd or quirky ones and and identify or feel better about their own…


1. I can stand on my head for several minutes

2. At home I drink out of Mason bell jars.  I swear we have proper drinkware I just prefer them. Probably because my Nana had all the kids drink of of jelly jars(remember those with the characters painted on them?) My husband of fifteen years still doesn’t understand this one.

3. I have a jade ring and three jade bangles that I haven’t taken off in years. I don’t mean I wear every day I mean I really never take them off.  I love jade and I love the sound they make but I’ll never sneak up on anyone…

4. I eat a pint of ice cream almost every night. Yup a WHOLE pint. AND it’s not yogurt, “light”, or sorbet. Haagen Daz. Coffee. I drink diet coke or water and eat light/watch what I eat all day to make it possible so that it’s probably about half of my caloric intake but hey it’s make from milk right? Calcium, vitamin D etc? Right?!

5. I only wash my body with soap once a week.  HOWEVER I take a shower every day(sometimes twice) and wash with soap those areas which need it. Once I week I do a vigorous head to toes exfoliation with a pumice soap and a japanese salux cloth. If you haven’t yet tried one, please do.Awesome exfoliation, mounds of lather and it makes solo back scrubbing a breeze. It dries quicky. mildew resistant, and machine washable. I swear it’s the best addition to showering since the terry washcloth. It won the Japanese award for best invention! And you know they invent tons of cool shit! I also soak in an epsom salt bath once a week. I read an article by a dermatologist when I was a teenager suggesting this for healthy skin and those little bumps on my upper arms( I now know is keratosis pilaris) went away. As did the need for applying copious amounts of body lotion daily. I was sold. I’ve since seen this regime mentioned in beauty mags. Shampoo? Once a week as well.

6. Speaking of showering I brush my teeth in the shower every morning. So if you’re at my house and can’t find the toothpaste look in the shower.

7. I have a metal rod in me that runs the entire length of my thigh. Got this thanks to a broken femur about twenty years ago. No, I’ve never set off a metal detector because of it.

8.I spend a LOT of time at work on the internet. In fact I’m at work right now…

9. With regards to the above I swear I’m a stellar employee. I’m punctual, dependable, all work done on time and I rarely make errors or need help. Actually that’s why I have so much free time. Being a mom I’m a pro at time management.

10. In addition to not being able sleep while wearing socks at least one foot must be out from under the covers at all times.

11. One of the stupidest things I’ve ever done was having a small beauty mark/mole removed from my lower left cheek. I hated it as a teenager and my boyfriend would tease me about the “piece of doo-doo” on my face. I now draw one on when doing occasion make-up.

12.Speaking of drawing on and stupid decisions and my questionable fashion sense as a teenager I mistakenly thought a very thin eyebrow was tres chic. Years of overplucking has left me with a permanent 1920’s brow. Stray hairs/shape only girls!

13. I watch and enjoy Phineas and Ferb a cartoon show on Disney. Dr Doofenshmirtz is the shit!

14. As a young girl I had a crush on Leo from the movie Fame. I clearly had NO gaydar yet…

15.I have one stray hair that if unattended will sprout six inches from my neck

16. I breastfed my last child until she was four…technically. She was turning five the next day and I told her I would get in trouble if she was still on “bubby”. I swear it wasn’t my choice she truly seemed to need it and the closeness. My breasts were her “comfort item”. She sang songs to them and will still come lay her head on my chest when she needs it.

17. Speaking of this she slept in the bed with us until five as well. So did my other children. No we didn’t have and “intimacy” issues. You move them to another bed or you move… They didn’t stay forever. They moved out willingly and as big kids probably wouldn’t even have slept with us for money. Apparently I raised my children “child-led” or “attachment parenting” style. I had no idea what these concepts were I just went with my instinct on what felt right to me.

18. I hate American Cheese.

19.In addition to having a really strong intuition, I’ve had several instances of accurate premonitions in my life.

20. When I started this list it was 25 and I changed it to 20 because I couldn’t think of anything else….

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