Yet Another 20 Best Budget Beauty Buys List » Africa’s Best Kids Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil plus Shea Butter Detangling Moisturizing Hair Lotion

Whew! Quite possible the longest product name ever. Certainly on this list.Although I had success with the infusium 23 detangling my daughter’s mixed hair, they needed more moisture. I had a hard time finding a petroleum/byproduct free and silicone free product that was affordable and effective. Then I came across this at Family Dollar. It was around $4 but seemed like just what I was looking for. In addition to the shea butter and olive oil this ingredient list boasted coconut oil, honey, rosemary, carrot oil, cocoa butter, safflower oil, even nettle, horsetail and mink oil. This lightweight, non greasy, detangles, and moisturizes with slight sweet fruity scent. My girls absolutely loved it then and love it now. I went back and bought four more bottles to stock up. Sure enough they had a problem keeping it in stock at first. Luckily it’s more widely available now. They also have a olive/soy version which is a bit heavier They are both about $4. If you are using a curl cream or a moisturizing cream like Potion 9 give this a try.


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