All Around Best Homemade Cosmetic Recipe EVER!!!!!

Combine 1/2 cup each vegetable glycerine, distilled water( rose or floral water if you getting your fancy on), and pure aloe vera gel. Add one teaspoon liquid vitamin E( my sister said this is about 6 if you’re popping gel pills)also optional is a preservative.  What you have is a fabulous highly effective and super cheap eye makeup remover, makeup mixing medium( shadow to liner, dramatic cake eyeliner etc),wetting agent for other cosmetics( aspirin or clay face masks, etc) leave in hair moisturizer/detangler, wound wash,sunburn relief product, foot spray guards against bacteria/fungi and callouses if used regularly, facial toner for normal/dry skin, facial moisturizer for normal/oily skin, leather conditioner, and latex safe “love” lotion. There may be more I’m unaware of but I’ve used it with great success on all of the above. EXCEPT the last one 🙂

Fresh Aloe Vera is needs to be kept refrigerated to retain all benefits. Small batches , refrigeration and the addition of the vitamin e should keep everything in order. I prefer to use stabilized aloe vera gel and adding a ready-to-use broad spectrum anti-microbial preservative so I can make bigger batches and keep in those vintage bottles I had to have.  I purchase mine(all ingredients in this article can be purchased as well) at from nature with love.

I’m a sucker for multi use products and for anything homemade so this is HG for me. I call it the mix. If you take the time to inform yourself on cosmetic ingredients and their indications, read labels, you’ll save your skin and wallet. Being an educated consumer ensures you from useless, ineffective  and/or over priced purchases.  I’m sure you well know this applies to all purchases as well.  Hopefully we will learn to harness our power as consumers and in turn force the cosmetic companies to stop overcharging and duping us.  Give us fairly priced, safe, high quality, effective products.Pipe dream, huh?


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  1. Oh this sounds excellent. I definitely need something more than water to mix my cosmetics and eyeliner.

    I stumbled across your blog the other day and have been loving it. Most vintage blogs tend to be rather…aloof? I’m not sure if that’s correct–perhaps ‘sparse’ (in posts, style, research, and communication) is what I’m looking for. I’ll be linking to this (and probably a few others) post on my tumblr blog when I get home from work.

  2. Thank you SO much! Being I have so few posts yet, I’m just tickled to know I actually have readers :)I know what you mean. I much more enjoy blogs written in a more personable style. Kind of the whole point of reading blogs as opposed to reference material if you ask me.
    Love it that you’re gonna try the mix. If you find time let me know how it goes.
    I’m so late on these things, what’s a tumblir?

  3. It’s sort of confusing to describe. Tumblr is a website that is sort of less about blogging and more about passing along posts–pictures, text, links, etc. I didn’t really get into it until much after my friends did because the format was confusing to me, specifically because there is no dedicated comment/reply system. You can re-blog another person’s post and add information/comments to it that way. I tend to use mine to talk about vintage hair, Doctor Who, and socks (I work for Mine is at

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