Thoughts of a girl who loves all things “old” including but not limited to, Vintage everything,a bargain,  Hollywood golden era, 1920 though 1940’s fashion and makeup, art deco, perfume,  old jade, menthol cigarettes, diet coke- caffiene free only, coffee, ice cream(coffee flavor), reading, 80s and 90s east coast hip-hop, soul music, 70’s music period, reading, genuine people, laughing, older New York ladies, crime tv with a special shout out to Spencer Reed and Bobby Goren, people who when arguing use facts not opinions, and if arguing opinions have the ability to consider another, beaches, and most of all my family.

I decided to start a blog not because I have any radical thoughts or ideas, or a huge talent but I realized those are not the blogs I enjoy most. Hopefully someone will enjoy.

A quick note, while bad grammar, punctuation, and misspelled words annoy the shit out of me when I read them, I basically only have a 9th grade formal education and I am lazy. So if that sort of thing bothers you as well,  I apologize in advance.  Hypocritical of me but the truth.

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