All Around Best Homemade Cosmetic Recipe EVER!!!!!

Combine 1/2 cup each vegetable glycerine, distilled water( rose or floral water if you getting your fancy on), and pure aloe vera gel. Add one teaspoon liquid vitamin E( my sister said this is about 6 if you’re popping gel pills)also optional is a preservative.¬† What you have is a fabulous highly effective and super cheap eye makeup remover, makeup mixing medium( shadow to liner, dramatic cake eyeliner etc),wetting agent for other cosmetics( aspirin or clay face masks, etc) leave in hair moisturizer/detangler, wound wash,sunburn relief product, foot spray guards against bacteria/fungi and callouses if used regularly, facial toner for normal/dry skin, facial moisturizer for normal/oily skin, leather conditioner, and latex safe “love” lotion. There may be more I’m unaware of but I’ve used it with great success on all of the above. EXCEPT the last one ūüôā

Fresh Aloe Vera is needs to be kept refrigerated to retain all benefits. Small batches , refrigeration and the addition of the vitamin e should keep everything in order. I prefer to use stabilized aloe vera gel and adding a ready-to-use broad spectrum anti-microbial preservative so I can make bigger batches and keep in those vintage bottles I had to have.  I purchase mine(all ingredients in this article can be purchased as well) at from nature with love.

I’m a sucker for multi use products and for anything homemade so this is HG for me. I call it the mix. If you take the time to inform yourself on cosmetic ingredients and their indications, read labels, you’ll save your skin and wallet. Being an educated consumer ensures you from useless, ineffective¬† and/or over priced purchases.¬† I’m sure you well know this applies to all purchases as well.¬† Hopefully we will learn to harness our power as consumers and in turn force the cosmetic companies to stop overcharging and duping us.¬† Give us fairly priced, safe, high quality, effective products.Pipe dream, huh?


Yet Another 20 Best Budget Beauty Buys List

Is another best drugstore beauty buys list needed? Probably not, by now we’ve all figured out vaseline and aquaphor truly are multi-purpose and most homes have at lease one of the two in the bathroom. Yup Cetaphil is a super mild affordable cleanser. Dove soap is awesome.¬† No we probably can’t tell which sister used Suave hair products and which used salon. And who hasn’t figured out that wetnwild liners for lip, eye, and brow are arguably the best beauty deal ever? Aren’t Goody elastics about the top of the hair elastic line anyway? Yup we know baking soda can cleanse our hair, exfoliate our skin, mixed with hydrogen peroxide bleach our teeth and can sub for deodorant. Coconut oil is the shit for hair.This list will not include any of tried and true beauty editors throw together when they need to fill space.¬† The mags are great but cosmetic company’s pay their salary and the reader needs to be kept under the impression that in you get what you pay for.

Absolutely, Positively, a load of¬† hot stinkin BULLSHIT.¬† The beauty(fragrance included here) is one of if not the biggest perpetrator of paying more for the label.¬† Paying for celeb endorsments, limited editions, 206 shades being available even though ninety percent of it’s sales consist of probably 20 of those. In a drugstore line those 20 would be all that’s sold.¬† Seriously ladies check ingredient lists.¬† If you’re interested in knowing exactly how and how much they are bullshitting you please check out beauty and the bullshit. It’s a well written often hilarious blog written by the very lovely Rowena. An ex beauty industry she dishes some serious dirt.¬† The difference is she’s not a middle aged professor with washngo hair,¬† comfortable shoes and not wearing makeup. She’s young pretty and still has a love for beauty. Really if her blog doesn’t end up huge I’ll be a monkeys’ uncle. So while there’s overhyped claims, overpriced products and bullshit in beauty lets forget that and focus on those products that work well without a 1014% retail markup.¬† Please note since I couldn’t figure out how to display the list gallery style you’ll have to click on each photo for my choice explanation. Also I didn’t not include fragrance as just because personal taste is the end all be all there. While skin musk is long lasting and affordable if the scent of musk makes you sick, that’s no bargain.

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Haven’t we all done this at least once? Marilyn Monroe Make Up

Marilyn was a genius with her makeup. Hers is probably the most imitated make up in the world .  I’ve done a bit of research and here’s what I think she did.

Face, creamy, opaque, set with loose powder.

Eyeshadow , sometimes white,sometimes a cream shade all over with  a darker shade of brown contouring the crease. Color was mostly matte, sometimes shimmery. I only had shimmery so this is what I used.

Eyeliners. Top, was dark brown liquid liner extended with a wing. Sometimes there is a very think gold line above this. On the bottom, pencil again dark brown, was applied at the base of the lower lashes. Also she did not connect this  bottom line to the top, she left a gap between the bottom line and the top. Sort of like parallel lines. In between the liner line was white, not sure if this was shadow or liner, I used shadow.

Eyelashes, Strip lash cut in half, applied to outed edge, not totally on lash line. More in sort of a straight line. This enhanced the heavy lidded ‚Äėbedroom eyes‚ÄĚ look she‚Äôs famous for. I didn‚Äôt do a fake lash in the pic, I think the glue is bad for your lashes, I only wear them on SUPER special occasions. Mascara on top, Sometimes she wore it on the bottom as well most often not.

Blush was natural pinky color applied to apples and blended.

Highlighter not sure what she used, probably eyeshadow, I used a shimmery loose white powder. Applied to temples tip of nose, cheekbones, and the little I call it divit above the cupids bow and the inner corner of eye.


It’s said she mixed three different reds plus gloss, I used one and gloss. she extended her line above her natural line a bit on the upper sides and bottom. She rounded the shape. Besides red, the color she wore most often was a medium creamy pink with no shimmer.  I actually prefer her in this color.

Eyebrows hers were typical of the time sort of squared in the beginning, a sharp arch. I believe she used a brow powder. Mine are much thinner,but I tried to get the same shape.  I used a taupe pencil, it was all I had.

Beauty mark of course, i did mine a bit smaller than hers and as my children pointed out to me, mine is on the wrong side.

You can check out my attempt after the jump (more…)

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A little Inspiration from 1960

When people hear 1960’s hairstyles most people first think of long hippy hair, afros, and bouffants. Early 60’s hair is a lot like 1950’s hair.¬† It’s a fun and easy vintage look to do, and works really¬† well, if you’re growing out shorter layers.¬† These are fairly easy styles to do your self. A roller set, a rat tail comb for back combing, and hair spray.¬†

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bumpits welcome.

Hair is how you comb it …?…what does that even mean?

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How to get a good Middy haircut or baby or any you wish

This image is a little crooked but we can’t complain, just thank the wonderful gal who uploaded this gem of a book. Thank you wherever you are.¬† Okay so as you may know I attend cosmetology school. I’m also mildly obsessed with vintage hairstyles, fashion, and makeup.¬† I’m hoping that with the combination of my interests I could help someone out in obtaining the perfect haircut for recreating vintage looks. These tips could actually be used by anyone who wants a little help in communicating with a stylist. Lack of communication is the biggest hurdle in not getting the cut a client desires. The breakdown can be either in expression or listening. Second biggest problem I’ve seen is clients wanting a hairstyle not a cut. I don’t know how many times I see a client bring a photo of a hairstyle they’d like in and they have the same haircut as the picture is either styled different, or the cut is just shown on a woman with a different hair texture or fullness.¬† We have a book for clients to choose from, they choose a photo, we’ll try to show them a photo of the same haircut(book shows several women with the same cut) on a woman with similar hair too them. More often than not they’ll say yes but I like this cut better of something similar.¬† This problem is NOT exclusive to the clients. A classmate of mine wanted to go short. When we had a guest stylist he needed a model, she jumped at the chance. He only cut her hair. The next day she mentioned to me she was leaving early to get her hair done by her own stylist, showed me a picture of Halle Berry. She had the exact same cut! Halle has a natural curl, and she doesn’t. I said to her “You already have that cut, you just need to curl that way”. I also hear classmate who trained and know how to cut, have a hard time understanding what a client is asking for. The multiple name for cuts and angles etc can very easily mean one thing to a stylist and another to a client.

Okay so what can you do? Obviously a photo is a great help. If the photo is showing a cut highly styled, ask the stylist how to style the hair.¬† Any good stylist can give you any haircut regardless of period.¬† There are only four haircuts(without going into barbering for men). All haircuts whether it was the middy in 1940, or the Dorothy Hammil in the 1970’s, or todays “lob” are one of these four cuts or a combination of them.¬† Words and phrases that are direct and technical( you know them already, blunt cut, layered, angled, longer, shorter, etc) are much more helpful to your stylist than adjectives( feathery, lighter, swingy) that can be interpreted differently. Do you want a lot of slightly layered hair or a lot in the front less in the back? Where do you want your first layer to start? Where would you like to length to end? Bangs or no Bangs? If bangs coming to where? Do you want the ends or perimeter angled any way?¬† How deep of an angle? These are questions that if not asked you should give the answer to.

Okay so you want the Middy haircut. A picture of¬† glamour queen gorgeous set waves cascading behind her while never hurting may not be that helpful to the stylist. The hair was set to look smooth and wavy so layers while there aren’t clearly evident.¬† The middy is whats known today as a uniform layer cut, the top cut planar or square like a classic men’s cut not blended as we do now,¬† with a bit of an exaggerated U shape in back. Any hair pulled out would measure the same or very close to the same length. Classic Middy is 4 inches. So almost every head of hair is cut four inches. Also the top is cut planar or “square like a mans” (when explaining to stylist) Take a ruler and decide if you want to go this short. Then the perimiter is blended into a U. The Middy Plus is same haircut 4 1/2 inches, and on to what’s called the femme fatale which is 6 inches all over.¬† So for any of these haircuts of longer or shorter versions, you’d tell your stylist I want a uniform layer haircut blank inches all over, and blend the back into a U-shape.¬† Say you want Middy plus in front femme fatale in back. Tell them you want 4 1/2 inch layers in front 6 inch layers in back. Femme fatale in front, not so many layers in back? 6 inch layers in front, long layers in back, again u shaped perimeter. Of course if you want bangs, show them where you’d like them to end, and about how much hair you want to be bang.¬† These haircuts were not thinned so ask the stylist to use shears not a razor and unless you want otherwise, not to use thinning shears.¬† Also layer haircuts back then were cut horizontally. Today layer cuts are cut both vertically and horizontally. If you’d like your cut as authentic as possible ask your stylist if he/she could cut your layers horizontally. Explain your vintage look wishes as most stylists today believe vertical layers best.

Summary, using clear and concise language will help you get the haircut you want.


I think this post is a bit word heavy.¬† Here’s the cliff notes to get a Middy.

Ask for a uniform(technically not a uniform because with the square top and u shape but this is the start point) layer cut ___ inches long cut planar on top or square like a mans cut. Ask to have the perimeter blended into a U shape with a bit longer length in the nape area so that the longest length would be 1/2 (yours may be more) longer than the rest.

Ask your stylist if he or she will cut horizontal layers. Explaining your reasoning will help.

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This is not a post about make up

So my fingers were crossed while typing that title, forgive me. Last week I did a post about wearing less makeup. I’m certainly not trying to critique anyone and of course it’s just my opinion. It had¬† to do with my personal view of what’s beautiful, which differs greatly than the beauty machine tells me. A perfectly made up face and hair are pretty and inspiring and I like to look yes but they’re not beautiful to me. Marilyn Monroe’s beauty fascinates me but more so in her slightly less than perfect photos. Hair messy, less makeup and posed. Even in the later ones with the heavy lidded bloodshot eyes, and such. I am touched by her. She was physically beautiful yes but part of¬† the fascination is seeing imperfection and relating to it. We are not perfect, our little imperfections inside and out are what makes us uniquely beautiful. I know I may sound really sappy and cliched right now but whatever.¬† So I have an entirely different opinion of beauty than the rarely attainable version shoved down my throat presented to me daily. There’s much to love about makeup and adornment is part of our nature. There’s also much to well not love. Besides the predatory advertising preying on our insecurities ,there’s¬† how it can become not only a crutch but a hinderance. It did for me anyway. When I was younger and wore a full perfect face everyday I felt like their were two me’s. The made up “on” me and the “real” me. Certain people were only allowed to see the “on”me. So while it was easy to seduce( not neccesarily sexually, just gain peoples interest) people in full peacock,smelling good, mode, it doesn’t make for successful relationships. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong or even what I was doing until I entered a relationship with a man who forced me to let¬† go. He’d break into the bathroom and tell me I was pretty bare faced, he’d force me to go out in sweats with dirty slapped in a ponytail hair and talk with people. I will always love him for that and¬† million other things even though our relationship ended. I know I am not the only woman whose gone through something similar.I watched my neighbors and good friend’s daughter who is like a child of my own to me go through it. Thank goodness it’s over.

Oh yeah, this is/is not a post about makeup. Whenever I do a post with the word makeup I get morethantwo tons of views.¬† That intrigued me.I want to see what this title does. Is make up a simple common denominator for women? The human ritual of self adornment and whatnot. ¬† Made me think.¬† Then I read it was No Makeup Week.¬† Was that why I was thinking about make up so much? The universe vibes? I headed over to¬† read. I did miss participating, but there was so many great thoughts, it didn’t matter.¬† I don’t remember who wrote it or the exact wording but a smart gal questioned when makeup is no longer a choice.Please head over to Rabbit Writes and read about it if you haven’t already , maybe you’ll want to participate next year. I know I will.


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Authentic 1920’s Hair and Makeup how to or flapper hair and makeup if you must

I know the first flick doesn’t really showcase period hair and makeup exceptionally well I simply love it.


I dressing as a flapper this Halloween. Cliched and overdone I know but I have an amazing 20’s dress that’s perfection for the look.¬† My life is such that I rarely get occasion to wear it, so I’m taking it whereI can get it. My bosses are kind of Halloween freaks, its a big deal at my company, there’s even cash prizes to be won.And the opportunity to wear thigh high silk stockings and a garter to work?I’m in. Quick note, in order to keep from looking like a tramp shoes need to be a solid looking. T-strap preferred, heel no higher than 2 or 3 inches.

Though I’m fairly well studied in period styles, I decided to check the net for some how to’s and such. Believe me when I tell you there’s not a lot of useful info out there. Most guides are not authentic(false lashes,hello-they were not available) , in addition to not being authentic, so many were waay overdone. Three shades of blue eyeshadow, I don’t think so. Or the women just ended up looking a bit too costumey and clownish. No thank you.

Quick and easy is hair.¬† Of course with my hair length I’m doing fingerwaves. You could also buy the cheap generic “flapper” costume wig. Not all women, not all flappers even, wore finger waves or had bobbed hair for that matter. The first image above give awesome authentic hair ideas outside of the old headband with feather. Several look fairly easy to make. Image numbers 7 and 12 show easy options for long hair.¬† Be sure to use shine product. 1920’s hair was rarely natural.¬† It was super shiny, often plastered to the head with product think Josephine Baker, if you want to be wowed,watch the entire video. It is phenomenal.¬† Spit curls always welcome.

On to the makeup…..


Greasepaint type foundation and powder were all that were available. I don’t want to be that authentic. What’s needed is an opaque creamy base. Flawless and pale is the look. Dust with loose powder to set.


Rouge was red toned. Shades of berry, rose, or coral are all appropriate. Creme is more authentic, but use what you have or use lipstick as so many women did. Resist your urge to blend up and out. Color should be applied to the apples only, sometimes applied in an obvious circle and left alone. It’s kind of cute.


Super thin even to the point of shaved off, penciled on brows was a popular look.  But not everyone wore them.Louise Brooks wore a much more natural brow. If you want the thin brow look you could buy silicone makeup to hide your brows. Or easy and cheaper.. Apply a coat of childrens glue stick over your natural brows. Let dry. Cover with concealer and powder. Draw a very thin line sloping downwards. You could also use a bought stencil. Elf cosmetics sells a set for $1.


Eyeshadow.¬† Frequently used was just the kohl eyeliner smudged over entire lid with petroleum jelly. Grays and browns were used mostly, although green and turquoise were available as well.¬† What’s most important is using ONE color only. You can apply to lid only or blend all the up to brows either look is authentic.


This is super easy. Eyes are rimmed both top and bottom. This can be as thin or thick as you like, both are authentic.Also used was shadow as liner, or smudging the kohl, like a smoky eye today. No winged corners though.


Falsies were not used. Mascara was available only in wax based cake form. This is one area, I say go the modern way. Apply your favorite mascara to both  top and bottom lashes.


Please refrain from the urge to do a cartoonish strong bow, no corners look. It’s rarely attractive and I see few pictures of anyone wearing it in a serious manner. It worked for Clara Bow and a few others, that about it.¬† Just as authentic and certainly more attractive is a highly defined cupid bow and a thinner elongated shape. Matte color only.Red preferred.¬† Not that red is the only authentic color but come on, pounce whenever you can on the chance to do a fierce redvamp lip.

Beauty Mark

Optional but how fun is it to wear. Picture a triangle with one corner being the tip of your nose the other the corner of your lip. The third corner is where your beauty mark should go. I’m totally kidding, I read that somewhere, Draw one wherever you like.

Update: if you look at photos of film stars and such of women in the 1920’s they really aren’t wearing as much makeup as they’re depicted now.

The Great Sufate Debate

Okay so it’s not that great of a debate, but hey it rhymed.¬† Lately it seems you can’t go anywhere(anywhere with shampoo ads or beauty info) without hearing the phrase “sulfate-free”. There is also a movement of folks who not only avoid shampoo with sulfates, they avoid shampoo altogether.¬† These folks ( majority have curly hair in varying degrees, ) believe that the culprit of their hair woes-typically dry scalp and hair, frizz, breakage, etc was the fact that they cleansed their hair and scalp with shampoo.¬† Instead of conditioner, hair is cleansed with hair conditioner or a sulfate free shampoo. Hard to remove silicones are avoided.

What is a a sulfate? With regards to cosmetics and this discussion, it’s a surfactant detergent. Before detergents became widely available to the public, people washed their hair with soap. Soap cleans well but the ph level is mildly alkaline, hair’s(technically not a liquid) ph is mildly acidic.¬† Most folk used collected rain water(acidic) to wash, this sort of balanced it out,, they also boiled the soap with water, herbs, anything to lower the ph. These were early shampoos. In the 1930’s modern shampoo with synthetic detergents was introduced.¬† Considering the fact that more and more people were now using treated public water, I’m sure it was revolutionary(as revolutionary as a cosmetic can be).

With business being what it is, most makers of shampoo used the cheapest detergents they could(sulfates). Levels varied among brands. Ph levels as well. ¬† Upon hearing many mothers¬† still used soap to wash their child’s hair because shampoo stings the eyes, they came out with baby shampoo, which use¬† milder detergents than sulfates.¬† The beauty industry used the same formulation and marketed these products to women who colored or permed their hair as “non-stripping”.

So fast forward to today. We live a catch word crazed society.¬† A weight loss diet comes out claiming results if you cut out carbs, suddenly the mainstay of the worlds diet forever is bad for you.¬† Rumours fly around about this causes cancer, you should use this lotion it has “all natural” ingredients.

Okay so back to shampoo. more women than ever color their hair, use products that build up, heat style etc. In short we overwash and chemically and physically damage our hair.¬† Hair color that is labeled “permanent” fades. What can we do to keep our hair healthy, keep our color from fading?¬† Stop overwashing, overstyling,overprocessing our hair. That can’t be it, there’s no money to be made, and we need to look the models in the magazines.¬† It’s got to be the shampoo we’re using,¬† that’s it. The detergents in our shampoo are ruining our color and the health of our hair.

There have been NO studies to prove, hair color fades any less with sulfate free shampoos. Think of hair like a long pine cone type strand coated with shellac. Picture all the “brown’ color is inside.Say you want red pinecone instead of a brown.¬† You want a red pinecone, you need a chemical strong enough to break open the shellac, to “paint” the cone( yes you could just paint over the shellac, ride with me for a minute). So you now have a red pinecone. Trouble is when over time the rain and the elements(styling, products¬† etc) the red leeches out. Now with the pine cone, you’d just add another coat of shellac. You can’t do that with hair. The shellac is gone.¬† That color is going to come out eventually no matter what you do.

For the no poo gals who say but my hair has never looked better since I stopped shampooing. Or since I greatly cut down on shampooing”low-poo”. You’re probably right. But the problem wasn’t the shampoo, you washed too much. Secondly you’re taking conditioner and “cleansing” with it. This may be enough for you. It’s basically the same formula as cleansing¬† your face with cetaphil. This is enough for some people. If you’re happy with it, keep on. I bet watering your shampoo down a little so you’re forced to do more scrubbing and it rinses better and cutting way down on frequency would do the same thing. I also think the fact that you’re properly moisturizing, and cut out drying silicones, and heat styling has a lot to do with it.

I just think that for me and my daughters washing only when needed with an acid balanced shampoo is just fine for us. Tried co-washing(scrubbing with conditioner only) for us there was just too much product buildup and hair was left dull. Sulfate free shampoos seemed to leave hair rough,dull, and not as clean feeling.It’s all personal preference. There is skin under that hair, sweat and sebum glands, I apply products to my hair, my hair is subjected to the environment etc. It needs a thorough cleansing.¬† So are all these company’s now touting sulfate free shampoos, saying there other formulas with sulfate are somehow inferior, or bad for hair, or cause cancer? No, and neither are scientists.

If you don’t believe me check out my go to for the facts about cosmetics the beauty brains. As luck would have it when I went to get the link, the homepage article is about sulfates. They are scientists who state facts. They are not selling anything nor have hidden agendas.¬† Just the facts on chemicals. I an ingredient hound, not because I am looking for “all natural” or some other meaningless¬† reason. Cinnamon oil is natural and is an irritant if using too much. There are perfectly safe chemicals to use on your skin as well. I just like to know what I’m paying for, what is in a product that makes it work for me(or not) This saves money as you’re not buying the same product marketed five different way. Also I make soap and other cosmetics.

By the way check out the ad, still pretty solid advice.

Update: I just received an email from the folks over at the beauty brains with a 6 minute commercial about a book they’ve written. They book is designed to teach you the scoop about beauty products and save you money. Still a great site with great fact based beauty info.

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Sleep in! Makeup in 5 Minutes!Look great in less time! Makeunder Makeup. Pretty Makeup

You may have seen this ad in a woman’s magazine of late.¬† I am going to go against popular vote here and say in my opinion every single model in the photo looks better before the makeup.They could all look better with a little makeup, sure and¬† I know I’m¬† probably in a very small minority here, but I feel a lot of women who wear makeup every day wear too much. Sure makeup can make you have perfectly contoured cheekbones, you can have a smoldering smoky eye, flawless looking skin, and a poppin glossed mouth. And wearing those looks you’re sure to hear compliments on your makeup. Everyday faces should take less than five minutes. The perfect amount of makeup should cause you to hear compliments such as you’ve got great skin, you’re eyes a such a pretty color etc.¬† Less is always more, ladies we hear it all the time. Most women wouldn’t be caught dead with too many accessories yet many will turn around and use 10 to twenty beauty products before heading out the door in the a.m. Why? Because we buy into the beauty magazine hype. Cleanse,exfoliate, moisturize, tone, prime, concealer, foundation, powder, shadow, liner, mascara, brow color, blush, highlighter, lip liner, lipstick lipgloss.¬† Let’s not even get started on hair and body. I’ve already done a post on how I streamlined skin care, I also think women should streamline cosmetics. Especially us seasoned ladies( I am40). Too much makeup ages anyone, for those of us who are actually a little aged this is a complete no-no.

I understand many women freak out at the though of facing the world without makeup and I get it. In fact I love makeup. It’s fun to buy and apply. It does make us look better and feel better. This is how I’ll put it.A glass of wine feels good and tastes good. But just because a glass of wine makes you feel good, three is not going to make¬† you feel great. It’s going to to dry you out and you’ll look like shit the next morning. Kind of like makeup does. We all have that friend or family member that shocked the shit out of us when we saw her with no makeup.¬† I NEVER want to be that woman. For everyday makeup I’d rather go bare than wear too much. To cut your morning time and look prettier, it’s easy, wear less makeup.

At LEAST 50% of your beauty routine should be good skin care. At least. If your skin is looking it’s best half the battle is won. Spend your money and time here.¬† That’s not to say you have quality skin care products have to be expensive, there are great drugstore brands. What I am saying is don’t scrimp here. Bare minimum you have to cleanse exfoliate and moisturize,¬† you need as thorough a cleanser as your skin can handle.On the other side of this you want the most gentle cleanser you can get away with. If you wear a lot or waterpoof eye makeup you may need an extra remover. Avon sells a fabulous remover for about $4. I have used it since I was a teenager.¬† You need exfoliation whether that be physical (washcloth,or an abrasive scrub) or chemical(aha and products with acids like lactic or glycolic). Your goal is to remove the top layer of skin, encouraging new skin cell turnover. You may also wish to use a toner, if they work for you. Some effective low cost options are witch hazel for normal or oily skin, to make a great toner for dry skin mix equal parts of glycerin with rosewater both can be found at health stores and some drugstores. Smells good too.

Next you need moisture. I know some gals who have oily skin think this is not needed but I disagree. A product that holds in moisture(water is moisture, not oil) and protects¬† is needed for all skin. You just need to find the right product gels are great even if it’s just aloe vera.If you have more mature skin, you need a heavier cream at night. If you need blemish treatment this should be applied at night as well.I know a great home made blemish mask recipe. You can use it as a spot treatment or all over your face for clean bright skin.

The formula is simple and basic. You crush an aspirin and mix with a tsp of lemon juice.  So if you are doing your whold face start with 2 aspirin and 2 tsp of juice.  You can apply just like that or add in products to make it spread easier. Aloe vera gel, honey,egg, yogurt, your favorite moisturizer are all good options. This mixture is basically making saliycic  acid which is the active ingredient in over the counter products.

Okay, I almost forgot this post was about makeup not skin care but seriously I cant stress enough how important good skin is to your look.¬† So for face makeup you basically want to use as little as you can get away with. Until recently I had been able to get away with only doing spot coverage when and where needed. Since turning 40 I need a little extra coverage. I still don’t do the entire face, mostly just around the nose and under the eyes.¬† Find as perfect a color match as possible and find the best formula for you.Apply as sparingly as you can. In order of importance and budget this area comes in right behind skin care. Don’t scrimp here. If you’ve been doing a whole face, try cutting back to spot coverage. Or try only powdering the t-zone. Whatever it is try a little less. We want clean natural looking skin. We only want to cover imperfections not create a blank canvas. BTW Freckles are not imperfections!

Next area of importance is brows. A clean, defined brow is the like the frame to a print. Whether you tweeze, thread, wax whatever, you need a good shape. If needed pay a professional and tweeze strays in between visits. Fill in bare spots or help define an arch  with a powder or pencil.  Find a perfect color match if in doubt go lighter in shade not darker. Blondes usually look best with taupe wetnwild and nyc both have great taupe pencils for .99 cents, brunettes need to figure if they need a warm or cool brown . Redheads always need a warm tone whether its light or dark.  There are very few people who can get away with a black eyebrow. Even if you are ravenhaired try dark brown. You may wish to use wax to hold them in place. Hair pomade works fine.

Eyeshadow is usually next for most women. Do you really need it? Try just patting a touch of concealer is you have visible veins. This trick works even better if the concealer is a bit darker than your skin tone. Use the rest of your summer tone concealer or get some use out of one that didn’t quite match. If you still feel too bare, what about a quick swipe of an all over color or bronzer applied with a brush blush?

Next is eyeliner. Can you live without it? If you’re doing a strong lip, btw super glossy is a strong look, think about balance. Just like clothes, you balance a billowy top with a skinny bottom and vice versa, I think you should apply the same concept to your makeup. A smoky or heavy cat eye and a strong lip is best left to Robert Palmer videos, the fashion runways and the 80’s. This fall is all about a red or plum lip. Yay for us vintage loving gals, we’ve never let it go. With that lip though you need to skip eyeliner during the day. If eyeliner is your thing, you need a nude lip. I love this 60’s Brigitte Bardot look, just a bit lighter. A swipe of eyeliner on top lids and a pink/beige lip slightly shiny lip. Sexy without trying too hard.

Curl your lashes. Decide if you really need mascara.Sometimes curling them brightens up the eyes enough It is for me. . I curl again midday to freshen up.¬† Okay so¬† I know mascara is the one product most women wear and won’t give up.¬† How about curling lashes and¬† applying one coat to the ends of lashes only.¬† You may find that’s enough, Or use a bit of wax(pomade) like I do. I use Murray’s Beeswax pomade. It has three ingredients. Petroleum, Beeswax and fragrance. Whatever fragrance they do use is barely noticeable and I believe its just bergamot oil. In any case I use it on my hair, eyebrows and lashes. It rocks and for $3 it’s a steal. You can find it, in the ethnic section of your grocery store, drugstore, Wal-mart and Target. This is and was the BEST pomade for vintage styles. Murray’s Pomades have been around since the 1920’s and for good reason, they work and they’re cheap. I prefer the beeswax formula as I have heavy hair and need a good hold. If you can’t find them locally they sell them online link after this awesome vintage ad.

Murrays Pomade

Okay if you’re still with me, onto the cheeks. Do you really need the blush? Again strong lip, bare face or Strong eye, nude lip. If doing neither a strong lip nor eye, try an all over color instead be a bit more liberal with your coloror a sunkissed look, dust lids, temples, apples of cheeks, tip of nose. Great look with a neutral gloss.

Highlighter if you choose.   Use an all over powder or cream highlighter or a light colored eyeshadow, even a very light  lip gloss if you like more sheen. Dot on cheekbones, tip of nose, brow bone,  even on temples and above top lip. Just use a very light touch and blend well.

Last but certainly not least are the lips.¬† Sticks,stain,glosses, liners. This is my desert island cosmetic.¬† And no matter how many times I hear it when I hear someone say I am not a lipstick person I am shocked. Not for the non cosmetic types of women like my hippieish cousin. I mean women who color their hair and style their hair, and like makeup. How can you like makeup and not LOVE lipstick.¬† No other cosmetic can even come close to accomplishing what lipstick does.¬† A face can go from plain to fierce with a few swipes of the perfect shade red lipstick. A good pink can brighten your complexion instantly. A glossy mouth adds instant sensuality. I am going to do a whole post on doing a good lip when I have time to take pictures but this is the short story.¬† Layering is the trick to great lips for many reasons. It can perfect the tone, the shape, the sheen level.¬† Whether you’re doing a matte, creamy,shimmery lip they all need a good base. Here’s a tip don’t use foundation as you may have read. Lips are a bit different than skin. If wearing a stain or gloss¬† apply straight from the package.If doing traditional lipstick fo try using a very light swipe of a long wearing nude lipstick it makes your lip last longer.¬† Then line your lips side to side on bottom then your cupid’s bow going out to the sides from the middle. Corner’s usually are where you need the most definition. Now apply your color.I always do better with two colors, never throw away a lipstick, just fix what you don’t like.¬† A shade that’s too light may be just the right shade needed to tone down a bright color. Beige is perfect for this. This may seem strange but the tiniest touch of black lipstick toughens up too sugary sweet shades for me.¬† I’m sure right now you have several lipsticks you aren’t wearing,¬† play around with them.If in doubt the most flattering natural shade for all one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. This can be warm or cool depending on skin tone.¬† If you’re adding gloss unless you’re under 25, try to avoid¬† frosty glosses. Apply to center of bottom lip, out. If you’re going for a just a gloss look of course apply all over your neutral base.

Okay I know this was a long ass post. Here’s the jist of it.¬† Makeup is great. It’s fun and enhances your looks. You’re beautiful. Makeup should showcase your beauty not create it. If you wear a lot of makeup ,unless you’re in show business, I guarantee you’ll look younger and prettier with less. Everyday makeup should take no more than five minutes.

Invest your time and money in having great healthy skin and hair. If you don’t believe me that you look prettier ask your husband, your kids, your friends to compare both looks.¬† If that’s not enough, when you have time apply your makeup outside on a sunny day. Or just study your face in the car mirror outside on a bright day after work.

Pretty Girls Vintage Photos

Sigh, this photo is absolute perfection. While this photo is of a pretty girl back in the day she was a model. I much more enjoy looking at vintage photos of regular girls.

Here is a link to a site you may have heard of Shorpys, the pretty girls gallery. My absolute favorites are the Bathing beauty pageants with just regular girls.

Check out the lovely ladies here

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