Yet Another 20 Best Budget Beauty Buys List

Is another best drugstore beauty buys list needed? Probably not, by now we’ve all figured out vaseline and aquaphor truly are multi-purpose and most homes have at lease one of the two in the bathroom. Yup Cetaphil is a super mild affordable cleanser. Dove soap is awesome.  No we probably can’t tell which sister used Suave hair products and which used salon. And who hasn’t figured out that wetnwild liners for lip, eye, and brow are arguably the best beauty deal ever? Aren’t Goody elastics about the top of the hair elastic line anyway? Yup we know baking soda can cleanse our hair, exfoliate our skin, mixed with hydrogen peroxide bleach our teeth and can sub for deodorant. Coconut oil is the shit for hair.This list will not include any of tried and true beauty editors throw together when they need to fill space.  The mags are great but cosmetic company’s pay their salary and the reader needs to be kept under the impression that in you get what you pay for.

Absolutely, Positively, a load of  hot stinkin BULLSHIT.  The beauty(fragrance included here) is one of if not the biggest perpetrator of paying more for the label.  Paying for celeb endorsments, limited editions, 206 shades being available even though ninety percent of it’s sales consist of probably 20 of those. In a drugstore line those 20 would be all that’s sold.  Seriously ladies check ingredient lists.  If you’re interested in knowing exactly how and how much they are bullshitting you please check out beauty and the bullshit. It’s a well written often hilarious blog written by the very lovely Rowena. An ex beauty industry she dishes some serious dirt.  The difference is she’s not a middle aged professor with washngo hair,  comfortable shoes and not wearing makeup. She’s young pretty and still has a love for beauty. Really if her blog doesn’t end up huge I’ll be a monkeys’ uncle. So while there’s overhyped claims, overpriced products and bullshit in beauty lets forget that and focus on those products that work well without a 1014% retail markup.  Please note since I couldn’t figure out how to display the list gallery style you’ll have to click on each photo for my choice explanation. Also I didn’t not include fragrance as just because personal taste is the end all be all there. While skin musk is long lasting and affordable if the scent of musk makes you sick, that’s no bargain.

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Heyday Give Away!

Want that dress? Me too. Happily we both have a shot at it. The super talented Shona is celebrating over 100 subscribers to her blog Intheyday which features the most lovely vintage reproductions. ( not jealous,am not)She offers alterations to ensure a perfect fit. Please check it out. I had already decide to treat myself to  a repro dress made to fit as a graduation present. Now I know where.


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Great retro shoes and more! Affordable too!

All you younger vintage loving gals . I am going to give you a shopping tip for a company you’ve been exposed too, but I can bet never shopped. You’ve more than likely gotten a catalog from them. But you’ve never shopped there. They carry items you wear everyday, classic perfumes and modern as well.  they carry makeup from stila, bobbi brown, elizabeth arden, estee lauder, prescriptives I even saw a lone mac lipstick.Cheap, too.  But I still would be willing to bet you’ve never ordered from them or been on their website.

Yeah right, you say. Come on lets here it, so I can prove you wrong, you’re thinking.


Okay you haven’t shopped there. You might be saying I’ve never even heard of the, I don’t get their catalog. You know that catalog you may have seen that you probably dismiss as being for old people? The pull on elastic waist pants, velcro comfort shoe,  diabetic socks one, as seen on tv one. . That’s the one.  So yes their main market is AARP card carrying folks. But what that means is they  carry styles to appeal to this market. Mary Janes, T-straps, skimmers, etc in a lower heel. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want every shoe I have to be 4 or five inches. I never wear them.   They carry classic white keds and the classic espadrille. Extended sizes to boot.Cheap too.

They carry lots of classic, modest undergarments. I even got  high waist panties to go with my high waist trousers. Still waiting on that perfect skirt to come my way.

They carry classic scents like L’air du temps, shalimar, and royal secret as well as many top designer scents form today in addition to the makeup I mentioned.  Check the clearance outlet for choices starting at only $1.

They also have the standard house dresses, dusters , and the  comfort clothing you’d expect.  But have an open mind and take a look around. You may just end up placing an order.I did. I got some grey flannel cologne for my husband( that scent makes me weak at the knees), a lipstick set by prescriptives, the shoes above in dark gray $24.99!, my daughter a little pair of suede booties,  and the high waist panties. I spent around $50 with shipping! You can’t beat that with a stick!

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$5 dollars for Dollar General this weekend only

Link to a coupon for $5 off $25 at Dollar General good this weekend.  Dollar General does accept manufacturers coupons as well.  Rack up on cleaning supplies, paper goods, toiletries, and of course one of their best offerings, 12 packs of nubby, white, washclothes.At this price you can be assured of always having a clean rag to cleanse your face. It’s also quite satisfying to see the dirt on on the rag.  I love these.

Whoa, two posts in one day.  I’m a machine!!!!!!!

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Thrifting Tips 101

Thrift Stores. I buy about 80 % of my family’s clothing from thrift stores.  Take into account I am including undergarments and shoes(I always buy these new) that’s almost everything.  I’ve been shopping in thrift stores for years, growing up in New York there was a Salvation Army thrift store right across the street from my apartment. As a teenager I bought quite a lot there, but always went early in the morning, in partial disguise.  I figured out early on, I could buy fabulous unique clothes for a fraction of the retail price.  More often than not the quality was better than if I bought new. I almost never heard, “I have that shirt/skirt.!” By expanding your options(different eras, lines from stores you may not have access to, etc) your style is expanded. This is where my love of vintage style began.  The styles, the fit, the quality of fabric and workmanship was almost always superior to anything modern.  I’m a true New York bargain lover to start with, and with 25 years plus thrifting, I’ve become what all that know me call a “deal queen”. And while I’m aware ebay and etsy have tons of great vintage clothing, I don’t buy many vintage clothes online.  Fit and finance are two biggest problems I have.  Anything really great is out of my budget, if I can afford it, I can usually find something similar and not pay shipping, and be able actually feel it and try it on. I am 4’11” and have a wide chest area. I’ve had three children, and while I’m lucky I actually still have a waist, I have a little bit of a pooch.  I just prefer to try things on. Now that I’m thinking about it if  more online options had a return policy, I’d do a lot better. Note to sellers.

So here’s a few things I’ve learned. You may already know or practice some or all but hey if it helps one person. These would apply to yard sales, church sales etc. Anywhere that sells used clothing and goods.


1. Go often. This is number one. Inventory comes in and is put out daily.   Also if you are lucky enough to have several in your area, go to all of them.

2. Learn your shops.Learn the layout out of the store. This makes going often easier.You can zip around the store. Most of us don’t have as much time as we’d like to spend exploring. Knowing where and how your shop displays items will help. Some separate by size, some by  color, some have “better” racks etc.  Find out what specials they have on what days. My local shop has 50% off  all merchandise on Mondays, on Tuesdays all clothing with certain color tags indicating they’ve been there over a week are 99 cents, and so on.  This is not to say you should only shop on deal days. I know for a fact that a certain large chain of used goods shops “pulls” some of the better items off the floor, so that they won’t be sold for half the ticketed price.  Not all shops do this, but going on a day with no specials, will be less crowded, picked over, and have more inventory.  Remember number one, go often.

3. Be educated. Even though the majority of my family’s clothing purchases are second-hand, I’ve made it a point to learn as much about retail lines  as possible. Knowing names, and which lines are made for certain stores will help in making your purchases. Learn to spot quality fabric and workmanship.   You will learn which designers cuts you do best with, will stand up to wear etc. You will also learn not to pay too much for lower end lines that are inexpensive sold new. You will be able to tell if an item is actually from the 1940’s or is 1980’s does 1940’s.  Syms’s clothing stores had a commercial on while I was growing up. The owner said “An educated consumer is our best customer”.  The more you know, the better you’ll buy.

4. Don’t go shopping with anything in mind. Trust me if you look in your closet and think, “I need some pretty blouses for work” and then set out in search of them, you more than likely won’t find a thing.  But there might be perfect for you suit on the other side of the store,or a ton  of quality  of clothes in your daughters size just donated.  Along these same lines, the best finds are usually off season, just like retail.  In the middle of July, summer clothes are at a premium, you might just find a gorgeous cashmere cardigan, or a great pair of vintage wool trousers.Also be open. Some of my most flattering clothes are items that didn’t exactly reach out and grab me.

5. Buy ahead provided you have storage space. Your daughter may wear a size 2t now, but she will eventually be a size 5. That vintage wool princess coat will eventually fit her. If you wait until she’s a size 5 to find a coat, the inventory then may not have anything you like. You may have a perfectly fine pair of white keds now, but they will wear out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new pair sitting in the closet waiting it’s turn?

6. Be picky.Inspect clothes carefully, you don’t want to have to pay to mend clothes or worse get home and find a bleach stain or worse.  Just because it’s only a dollar, doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. Even if an item has no flaws, be selective. Does it fit perfect?If not, is it worth the price of either your time or professional alterations? Is it comfortable? Will you wear it often?  Do you really need another pair of black trousers? How often are you going to wear a sheer blouse? Does it work with what you already own? How will you put together great looks if your closet is stuffed.

7. If possible, get to know shop employees. They may be willing hold items for you or at least call you when a donation of your interest comes in. A girl at my shop, will hold all dresses, she thinks are vintage and my size for one day. In return, I bring her son goodies from my job that I get at cost. There may be something they saw in the back, hasn’t been put out yet, you might like.This is especially true of consignment shops. Yes the prices are a bit higher but you the inventory has been presorted of junk. Besides notifying you of merchandise, maybe you could workout a donation/discount deal.  I go to a shop, donate all my son’s quality outgrown clothing, I get a discount fthe owner deems fair.

8. Here’s what I’ve found shopping yard/tag sales.  The wealthier the neighborhood the more they expect you to pay for goods. Obviously this is not always true but I find it to be true most of the time.  The attitude is like I payed 60 dollar for that coat, your getting a deal if I sell it to you for $15.  Or that comforter came from Bloomingdales you should be happy to get it for $40.  What then happens a lot, nobody buys much, they just donate it and it ends up in the thrift store. 🙂  If you really have to have an item try a little haggling first. Remind them they wanted to get rid of all this stuff. Not have to haul it all away, and have another sale or donate it and get nothing but a tax receipt.

Now in the more modest neighborhoods, people are much more likely to let things go rock bottom. The only exception is brand new items.

In all instances be nice, and ask the sellers if you’re looking for something in particular. Especially at estate sales. They may have know idea you’d love all those old full slips they were going to donate. Or that fur trimmed coat from the 50’s.

9. Never be too quick to judge a shop or sale. You may see what looks like a bunch of junk but way back in the corner there’s a lone vintage wicker purse for 50 cents. Do a quick but thorough  walk through everywhere. One of my best buys was at a resale shop here in Atlanta that caters to teens. There are several around. I went in with my daugher, and found a brand new Chloe bag for $10! I can only imagine some wonderful grandmother bought this as a gift for her grandaughter who then decided it was too old lady for her. Score for me!

10. Tag team.  Have friends and family who know you pick up things for you and you do the same.  It may not be right for you, but it’s perfect for your sister. Buy it and she’ll do the same for you.

Hope these help and happy, bountiful thrifting wishes to all! With a little effort you’ll get the joy of  responding to compliments on your attire with a  “I got it for $2”.

If you are in the market for the most adorable, feminine aprons for home or salon you must check out Jessie Steel. Can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before but I hadn’t.

Vintage aprons this pretty are hard to come by and can be pricey this site has adorable options(repros) starting at around $20 and up. They also have oven mitts and totes that are just as cute.

I needed a stylist apron which is how I found them but I am going to purchase a cooking apron as well.

Check them out here

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Going way way back..

First off, is one of the best rap tunes, yes I said it rap, that’s what we called it when it came out of the late 80’s. This song by Just-Ice is off the album Kool & Deadly released in 87 and produced by KRS-1 whom I’m sure you’ve heard of.  He is most certainly an early inspiration for artists like DMX, and “gangsta rap” btw I hate that term.  Just a hard as hell rapper with one of the baddest beats ever. Check it out here and if you like what you see buy it. New artists who are (arguably) inferior have a million by the second album. Early artists just didn’t have the same type of deals. Support the musicians and buy legally.  Especially the early artists who didn’t earn much at all.

I will be documenting my journey in hair, fashion, home etc from slightly vintagesque to as much vintage as possible. I’ve always loved the vintage fashions, certainly always been drawn to reproductions. I am not a purist however.Next to quality the next best draw to vintage clothing, is the attention to flattering a woman’s body. Whether they’d admit it or not a lot of it was all about looking sexy. And their have been fabulous and sexy introductions to fashion and beauty that I’m not willing to give up. Highlights, self-tanner, boy short style underwear, Menswear, Lauren Hutton/Bianca Jagger in the 1970’s type looks and last but not slouchy leather boots.
Which brings me to my first bargain shopping tip Check out Amazons Warehouse deals for footwear and apparel. These boots retail for $112 to $161.  I got mine in warehouse deals  for $29.99 with my free amazon prime shipping. These items are customer returns, scratch and dents which for one reason or another can’t go back into stock. I got these babies a few weeks ago My boots are perfect,  the box was damaged.

Check them out here

Update: having a bit of the a problem with the link so just do a search for
Then have a look around for a great deal in your size. Now would be the best time to get a great deal on boots.You may already know about this site, just a reminder of the fabulous deals to be had.

As I said I am planning on  going mostly vintage or inspired with my look, but will not give up boots like these.I always have and always have had vintage approach to beauty. I want my look to reflect that.

I know it’s a bit of a strange collaboration I’m using an hard-rock 80’s rapper’s song as the title of a blog post about going vintage but this is how my brain works. Welcome to my world!

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