Home Project : Rolling Pin Rack

We all want to reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, make do ,mend, go with out, whatever. This is the start of simple easy projects to make using one or more principles.

Items Needed

Rolling Pin

Fabric of any kind ( old clothes, tableclothes etc with a nice print), a large scarf, large doily, piece needs to be a couple inches longer than the pin, and able to cover it a couple of times.

about a 2 foot braided cord, or ribbon, or fabric belt to hang

4 mug hooks

bits of ribbon,or lace, or faux flowers, pieces cut from original fabric

glue scissors

This project is simple. I found it in an encyclopedia from the early 1900’s.  The picture is almost self explanatory. You take an old rolling pin( if you don’t have an old one, they can be had for nothing at yard sales and thrift stores, or at dollar stores).Take the mug hugs and screw in spacing evenly along the body of the rolling pin. Remove the screws.   Roll fabric around, gluing to secure. Tie a bit of ribbon or cord on the ends, If your ends are rough cut, you could tuck into itself with glue, glue fake flowers or buttons, whatever you have that you think would look nice.  Use the tip of the scissors to poke a little hole in the fabric, right above the place where you screwed in each hook. Use a bit of glue to secure the plate to the pin. Take your ribbon, or rope or braiding, or shoelace and tie at both handles.

Use a a key rack, hang belts, your hair scarves, whatever you can think of. Enjoy.

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