Olsen Love

I adore vintage fashion and style. I like everything about it, except perhaps it can sometimes be a little too done  little too perfect, a little too matchy-matchy.  I like that good fashion now is less than perfect, a little more unepected.  A ballerina bun, can have a few strands loose,  tough little black ankle boots keep the floral fluttery dress from being too sweet.  That said I loathe the overt sexiness today. There seems to be too much of  super sexy going to the club attire, or I’m going for casual don’t care, but I really paid over $200 for my jeans, flip flops, and slightly sexy top(bag excluded).

I have a short list of hollywood celebs I find inspiring fashion-wise.  My favorites have got to be the Olsen’s.  I don’t always agree with all their choices, and don’t care for the occasional  sloppiness( media calls it homeless) they sometimes display. Clothes should always be clean, pressed and fit well.  There is no excuse for wearing too long or cut hems. They can certainly afford alterations. But they get fashion. Makeup is always, always, flattering,perfectly applied and appropriate. They take risks, and they always give the impression of going for a fashionable look  not a sexy as possible look. Which by the way is NEVER sexy.

I mentioned my appreciation here .  To see some of their genius check out this amazing blog olsensanonymous.blogspot.com. This blogger has tons of beautiful and inspiring images of the girls doing their fashion thing.

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