Excuse me I don’t have to powder my nose and I swear I’m not obsessed with Joan Crawford.

I’ll admit I’ve seen a better looking powdered face and being a chick who loves all things vintage, I even have a few compacts around(one contains shea butter to toss in my purse) and every respectable dressing table needs a powder container sitting front and center. That being said I’m probably in a very small minority of vintage loving gals that does not carry or wear face powder.

My reasons are simple I don’t like the feel of it on my skin and I just think I look better with a bit of a glow. There seems to be a belief that all vintage gals wore face powder and red lipstick at all times. If you do a little research you’ll see this is simply not true. I have spent a lot of time with a lot of senior ladies in my life. We talked about makeup and look at old pictures. I’ve also studied ads and pictures of regular women from the 20’s and up. Unless one had an unusually shiny face, powder was a special occasion cosmetic. It was expensive and thought of a luxury for most gals. Your average girl was expected to have a fresh faced look. Plus like me, I’m sure some women knew they looked better with bit of a glow instead of all matte. The same can be said of red lipstick. Most women reserved red for special occasions, if they wore red at all. Rose, berry and coral shades were the more common choice. I do wear red lipstick occasionally if my outfit and mood fit, but I think I look best in plum shades.A matte face and red lips is not the only authentic vintage look.  And I like I said I  think I look better with a bit of a glow.

Apparently so did Joan Crawford.You just know she was the type of lady who knew what worked for her and went with it, to hell with what anyone said. And they did say it. I read where the beauty industry was giving her the business for being photographed with a shiny nose and “promoting a powderless fad”. She was in good company though, the same article is also giving Loretta Young, Ginger Rogers, Greta Garbo and even Katherine Hepburn shit for their alleged beauty and fashion crimes! Katherine Hepburn! She is one of the most looked up to Classic Hollywood stars when it comes to fashion. In her time they dissed her berets as shapeless.  Makes you wonder which of today’s Hollywood stars who receives flak from the press for their fashion  choices will be considered a classic style icon in sixty years? My guess is the Olsens.

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